Maria Kjr Themsen

Rose Eken

V1 Gallery

September 2015

A fictive artist’s studio based on photos of actual artists’ work spaces—from Jonathan Meese and Richard Colman to local artists such as Maiken Bent and Alexander Tovborg—is the frame for this new exhibition by Danish artist Rose Eken. All … READ ON



Kunsthal Charlottenborg

April 2015

“Your Success Is Your Amnesia” beams from an illuminated neon sign titled Tzatziki, 2013, outside the entrance of the venue for this exhibition, the largest ever of Danish artist FOS’s work. Memory and collective amnesia both play an important… READ ON


Tove Storch

Nils Strk

September 2014

On first look, Tove Storch’s three new sculptural works—some standing, others lying directly on the floor—look like pieces of one big, rusty radiator. Upon closer inspection, though, one discovers they’re unexpectedly fragile and made of … READ ON


Jacob Jessen

Danske Grafikere

May 2014

In the work of the Danish artist Jacob Jessen, one often finds profound philosophical issues—such as a longing to encounter the limit of human awareness—condensed into elegant and well-designed objects. This is also the case in his latest … READ ON