Mark Sladen

Summer Camp

Mark Sladen visits “The Eighth Square” at the Museum Ludwig

August 2006 COLOGNE

I traveled to Cologne for the opening of “The Eighth Square,” the big show—over eighty artists—now spreading its skirts at the Museum Ludwig. The exhibition, curated by Berlin-based freelancer Frank Wagner along with the Ludwig’s own Julia … READ ON


Freeze Fair

ARS 06

January 2006 HELSINKI

Touching down in Helsinki at midnight the captain smugly told us that the outside temperature was minus twenty-two degrees. Is that Centigrade or Fahrenheit, I mused wanly, as I toyed with my last packet of rice crackers. The primary reason… READ ON


Tue Greenfort

January 2006

LATE AT NIGHT, in an industrial wasteland on the edge of town, a camera is rigged with a trip wire attached to a sausage. Unsuspecting foxes, lured to the site by the smell of the tasty wurst, snag the bait and trigger the camera. The creatures,… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2006 [TOC]

Iceland Hopping

The Reykjavik Arts Festival


Ever fancied having a Lawrence Weiner tattooed on your bottom? The young Roman artist Micol Assaël has done just that, and it reads “sink or swim / your ass gets wet / there is no excuse.” I know this because both Assaël and Weiner were in … READ ON