Meg Whiteford

“I can call this progress to halt”

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE)

March 2017

What is the role of the visual in political turmoil—to be propaganda, or a history lesson? Is it an intermediary between perpetrator and victim, or does it serve as a reminder of the past persisting in the present? The videos, images, … READ ON


Blair Saxon-Hill


January 2017

To be common is to be many things: popular or plentiful, lowbrow or uncivilized, a thing which two or more people can share, an icebreaker. In Blair Saxon-Hill’s exhibition, visitors are welcomed by a theatrical gathering of characters just… READ ON


“We the People”


January 2017

Usually a group show leaves one struggling for a narrative thread, but the humps, lumps, bumps, butts, dicks, and boobs that make up the work in “We the People” are right at home in the realm of plotless exhibitions. A benefit for the National… READ ON


Harry Dodge

Armory Center for the Arts

October 2016

A cyborg, a poodle, and an unassembled IKEA bookshelf walk into a bar. The bartender asks, “Let me guess, lost the instructions?” The cyborg says, “This DIY mess is bullshit. Can’t we come up with a more efficient and tidy manner in which to… READ ON


Stanya Kahn

The Pit: Exhibitions & Editions

September 2016

The Earth is round: a hopeful curve, a just-around-the-corner, light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel, what-goes-around-comes-around sort of shape. Loops, circles, and patterns attempt to assuage the panic of “Is this all there is? This rude heap? … READ ON


“3 Women”

the Landing

August 2016

As traditions pass through generations, forms and functions change, but what develops is heritage. It may start with learning a skill: weaving, for instance. With time, practice, and technological and cultural advancements, skills can render… READ ON


Ren Hang

MAMA Gallery

June 2016

Moral indecency has long been a way for disaffected bodies to break up an uninhabitable order. The irreverence of youth—an acceptable age for extravagant consumption of sex, drugs, and rock ’n’ roll—pairs well with rebellion against censorship,… READ ON


Kang Seung Lee

Los Angeles Contemporary Archive (LACA)

May 2016

Kang Seung Lee’s exhibition presents an uncommon library. His is no studied space stacked with hardbound classics—instead, this collection includes perishable papers and precious handmade books, all in editions of one. For this show, Lee … READ ON


Catherine Fairbanks

Wilding Cran Gallery

April 2016

Two chimneys, Chimney Sculpture 1, 2015–16, and Chimney Sculpture 2, 2016, stand stark in the middle of the room. Hung on a corner wall are two horsehair weavings, Luce’s Fireplace 10 and 12, both 2014, reminiscent of brushes for sweeping … READ ON


Jesse Mockrin

Night Gallery

March 2016

Jesse Mockrin’s solo exhibition of paintings, “The Progress of Love,” abounds with lissome motifs—a crown of roses, fanciful androgynes, King Charles spaniels, beribboned doves—that compose a gilded time spent meandering the hedges of a … READ ON