Megan Heuer

“The Permanent Way”


July 2012

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the passage of the Pacific Railway Act, which resulted in the United States’ first transcontinental railroad, this exhibition gathers historical documents, vernacular images, and contemporary art … READ ON


Domenico Gnoli

Luxembourg & Dayan

June 2012

Domenico Gnoli painted surfaces. Depicting textures familiar to touch but often overlooked (such as human hair and the fabric of clothes and upholstery), his paintings explore minute visual details in woven patterns or carefully arranged … READ ON


Harry Dodge


April 2012 defines frowntown as a “fictional place were [sic] nobody is happy and nothing is pleasant.” A neologism that makes an affect into a location, frowntown is also a childish rhyme, a singsongy absurdity that seems to undercut… READ ON


Farrah Karapetian

Farrah Karapetian discusses her recent work

April 2012

Farrah Karapetian is an artist who works with cameraless photography and sculpture. She lives and works in Los Angeles, where her solo show “Representation3” opens on April 14 at Roberts & Tilton, and her ongoing project Student Body Politic… READ ON


Zoe Strauss

Philadelphia Museum of Art

March 2012

The anonymous voice who previewed this show last November in the New York Times intoned that the subject of Zoe Strauss’s photography is “poor people.” The word choice belies the radical politics at the heart of Strauss’s project on view in… READ ON


Sigmar Polke

July 2011

“A negative is never finished.” This is how Sigmar Polke once described his approach to photography, signaling his infidelity to one of the basic premises of photographic truth. For Polke, the medium could encompass most anything except an … READ ON


Kate Forde

Kate Forde talks about “Dirt”

June 2011

Kate Forde is a London-based curator and critic. She co-organized the exhibition “Dirt: The Filthy Reality of Everyday Life,” which mixes historical artifacts and contemporary artworks to consider the mercurial role of one of the world’s most… READ ON


Aurelien Froment

May 2011

If there has been an increase in the amount of attention paid to the role of pedagogy in art practice in recent years, it is tempting to attribute this boom to both the exponential growth of MFA programs and the fantasies of relational … READ ON


Danh Vo

May 2011

To get to Chantal Crousel’s second space, La Douane, you must cross the loading dock of an old industrial building near the Canal Saint-Martin. The gallery occupies a large warehouse across the hall from a wholesale showroom for rugs imported… READ ON


Joianne Bittle

Joianne Bittle talks about Preserving Mass Extinction

March 2011

Joianne Bittle is a painter who lives and works in Long Island City, New York. Here she discusses her first “Portable Landscape,” a diorama she made for a recent exhibition at Eugene Binder Gallery in Marfa, Texas. The piece has traveled to… READ ON