Melissa Canbaz

“In the Carpet”

Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa) | Berlin

February 2017

Starting with two works by Sheila Hicks––both titled Gebetsteppich (Prayer Rug), from 1972 and 1974––the exhibition “In the Carpet” foregrounds the cultural-historical dimensions and production practices of this type of textile. Installed … READ ON


David Meskhi

Galerie für Moderne Fotografie

December 2016

In David Meskhi’s photographs, the juxtaposition of opposites, in terms of form as well as content, is always in the foreground. The thirty photographs currently on display can be read as a movement study of the body: Alternating black-and-white… READ ON


Jan Groover


October 2016

Jan Groover’s first solo show in Germany is made up of selections from the most divergent phases of her production. In the late 1960s, the artist’s focus shifted from painting to photography, though she always remained true to a certain style.… READ ON


Ursula Böckler

bureau müller

August 2016

Martin Kippenberger’s “Magical Misery Tour” is almost legendary. From December 1985 through March 1986 he toured Brazil to collect material for his project Tankstelle Martin Bormann (Gas Station Martin Bormann). As the story goes according … READ ON


Jochen Lempert


May 2016

In Jochen Lempert’s exhibition, the gaze of a photographer merges with the methods of a scientist. His black-and-white photographs are studies that document similarities among humans, the animal world, and other organisms in nature via … READ ON


Isa Genzken


April 2016

Isa Genzken’s comprehensive exhibition “Make Yourself Pretty!” is, for Berlin, a truly overdue survey of her life’s work, bringing together excerpts from the artist’s entire spectrum of sculpture, painting, film, photography, and books. On … READ ON


Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne

Schinkel Pavillon

March 2016

Anthea Hamilton and Nicholas Byrne have been working together since 2009 but also, as has been widely noted, share a private partnership. The mobilization of personal relationships within artistic discourse becomes most interesting when … READ ON


Hella Gerlach

Galleria Acappella

November 2015

Viewing Hella Gerlach’s exhibition “paradise garage” resembles a spiritual exercise. In an effort to unlock the individual works and installations via their titles and configuration, linkages appear on divergent levels. Cremona (Kopfüber) (… READ ON


Daiga Grantina

Mathew | Berlin

October 2015

The exhibition “The Mountain Guide” by Daiga Grantina features five abstract sculptures composed of found objects that together articulate a vision simultaneously poetic and disturbingly uncanny. The individual works consist of complex … READ ON


Jonas Lipps


August 2015

Jonas Lipps’s seemingly random selection of works on paper appear as if they had been rummaged out of a back room for presentation in this current agglomeration of small-format drawings, watercolors, and collages. Their context is difficult… READ ON