Michael Fried


May 2017

Curated by Thomas Weski Opening in early May and continuing until mid-September will be a more ambitious and comprehensive exhibition of Thomas Struth’s work than has ever been mounted. Organized by the distinguished critic-curator Thomas … READ ON


“The Figurative Pollock”

February 2017

“The Figurative Pollock,” organized by Nina Zimmer, was a pleasant surprise. For one thing, the large selection of early drawings and paintings on view would have made for a highly informative show in its own right; the exhibition featured … READ ON

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Frank Stella

September 2015

Curated by Michael Auping with Adam D. Weinberg No artist of his generation has been remotely as productive and creative as Frank Stella, a distinction to be celebrated by a large retrospective exhibition at the Whitney this fall and winter.… READ ON


Michael Fried


December 2014

James Welling: Monograph (Aperture) is a sensationally attractive book. It was published to coincide with a large survey exhibition of the artist’s work from the 1970s through 2012 that opened at the Cincinnati Art Museum and traveled to the… READ ON

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Michael Fried

December 2014

A RECENT REVIEW OF SHOWS by Helen Frankenthaler at Gagosian Gallery and Morris Louis at Mnuchin Gallery gave New Yorker critic Peter Schjeldahl the chance to express his considered views on Color Field painting:  Color-field reacted against… READ ON

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Anthony Caro


February 2014

ALL OF US WHO WERE CLOSE TO ANTHONY CARO (Tony to his friends, an international society of thousands) were certain that he would live to be at least one hundred, making significant sculpture all the way. My impression was that he thought so… READ ON

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Charles Ray

February 2013

For more than five years now, Charles Ray has been making sculptures based closely on the human figure, somewhat in the manner of his first work of this type, Aluminum Girl, 2003. In his 2007 show at Matthew Marks Gallery, another such piece,… READ ON

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“James Welling: Monograph”

January 2013

Over the past forty years, there has been no American photographer more creative and original than James Welling.… READ ON



Michael Fried on Michael Schmidt’s 89/90

September 2012

A LARGE RETROSPECTIVE of the German photographer Michael Schmidt, curated by Thomas Weski, was held at the Haus der Kunst in Munich during the late spring and summer of 2010. I flew to Munich from Berlin expressly to visit it and am glad I … READ ON

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December 2011

Ten scholars, critics, writers, and artists choose the year’s outstanding titles.  SVETLANA ALPERS  Imagine that you are listening to a spirited conversation between a French art historian and a German painter. De Rouget and Daimler, as they… READ ON

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