Mine Haydaroglu

Leylâ Gediz

May 2017

Leylâ Gediz’s show “Serpilen” (an unusual Turkish word meaning something that blooms as it is dispersed) was a poetic rendition of her studio, a distilled portion of her work, a pristine and spiritual space created by paintings and some of … READ ON

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İnci Furni

December 2016

At a time when an identity politics allegedly upholding cultural diversity (as explored in the special “Art + Identity” summer issue of this magazine) has arguably contributed to deeper conflicts on an international scale, as reflected in … READ ON

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Šejla Kameric

March 2016

Šejla Kamerić’s solo show “When the Heart Goes Bing Bam Boom” was packed with more visitors than you might expect at a nonprofit art space; perhaps the title struck a chord with the people of this nervous city. Placed at the building’s … READ ON

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Berlinde De Bruyckere

October 2012

For her first solo exhibition in Istanbul, “The Wound,” Belgian artist Berlinde De Bruyckere filled three floors of the contemporary art space Arter as well as the historic Çukurcuma Hammam with her signature pseudo-anatomical sculptures, … READ ON

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