Molly Warnock


September 2017

Curated by Béatrice Gross with Megan Holly Witko Consigned in the 1960s to that most damning of dustbins—the seemingly exhausted history of “European painting”—the expansive, endlessly experimental oeuvre of François Morellet (who died last… READ ON



January 2017

PIETER SCHOOLWERTH has always played around with words, and the title of his current project is no exception. As the artist readily acknowledges, “Model as Painting,” 2016–, immediately conjures Painting as Model, Yve-Alain Bois’s classic … READ ON

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Molly Warnock

April 2016

Yve-Alain Bois, Ellsworth Kelly: Catalogue Raisonné of Paintings, Reliefs, and Sculpture, Volume One, 1940–1953. Paris: Cahiers d’Art, 2015. 383 pages.  LIKE MOST READERS, presumably, I come to this impressive tome—Yve-Alain Bois’s first … READ ON

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Niele Toroni

October 2015

CHUTES, 2000, a little-known work by legendary Swiss artist Niele Toroni, consists of four pennant-like fragments of blue, red, pink, and black paper marked according to the method he adopted in 1966: by pressing the bristles of a no. 50 … READ ON

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Giorgio Griffa

September 2015

IT HAS BEEN more than fifty years since Donald Judd famously declared “European art” over and done with. The American artist’s pronouncement, voiced in an oft-cited 1964 conversation with Bruce Glaser and Frank Stella and grounded in his … READ ON

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Simon Hantaï

September 2015

This posthumous solo show, Simon Hantaï’s first at Mnuchin Gallery, offered a clear indication of the Hungarian-born French painter’s growing status in New York. Cocurated by Alfred Pacquement—the former Musée National d’Art Moderne director… READ ON

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“What We Call Love: From Surrealism To Now”

September 2015

Curated by Christine Macel and Rachael Thomas Wittgenstein famously noted that love is not a sensation but a disposition; it is “put to the test” in ways that the feeling of pain, for instance, is not. This sweeping survey proposes to further… READ ON


Molly Warnock

June 2015

WRITING IN 1966, Ann Wilson noted the ways in which Agnes Martin’s paintings “seem to grow out of the fabric” of the underlying support. The critic meant to stress the extent to which artistic process appears effaced, aesthetic subjectivity… READ ON

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James Bishop

December 2014

This thoughtfully selected, beautifully installed show of James Bishop’s work—his first solo exhibition in New York since 1987—opened with four small paintings, all from 2012, of the sort to which the eighty-seven-year-old artist has devoted… READ ON

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Molly Warnock on Michel Parmentier’s 16 juillet 1988

November 2014

AT FIRST GLANCE, they seem self-evident: The best-known works of the French painter Michel Parmentier appear so clear, so direct, so whole, as to be their own last word. The artist began making these impassive horizontally striped paintings… READ ON

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