Naomi Fry

the GALA Committee


January 2017

IN A SWIFT, BRUTAL DEVELOPMENT, America has suddenly become the greatest reality show on earth, its inhabitants in peril of being thumped as if they were nothing more than a prop conference table on the Apprentice set. There is something both… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2017 [TOC]

Family Guy

Naomi Fry on The Source Family

April 2013

MARIA DEMOPOULOS AND JODI WILLE’S The Source Family opens with an extended close-up of Jim Baker (aka Father Yod, aka YaHoWha), founder of the early-1970s Los Angeles–based cult the Source Family. Baker’s piercing eyes, craggily handsome … READ ON


Sexual Healing

Naomi Fry on Magic Mike

June 2012

OK, PEOPLE, YOU CAN BREATHE EASY: Your guilty summer pleasure is finally here. The new Channing Tatum vehicle, endlessly referred to in recent weeks as “Steven Soderbergh’s highly anticipated male-stripper movie,” arrives in theaters today … READ ON


Susan Morgan

Susan Morgan discusses Piecing Together Los Angeles: An Esther McCoy Reader

June 2012

Susan Morgan is a Los Angeles–based writer and contributing editor at Aperture. With Kimberli Meyer, she cocurated the 2011 exhibition “Sympathetic Seeing: Esther McCoy and the Heart of American Modernist Architecture and Design” at the MAK… READ ON


Daniel Clowes

Daniel Clowes talks about his retrospective

May 2012

Daniel Clowes is an Oakland-based cartoonist and Academy Award–nominated screenwriter, known for seminal graphic novels such as Ghost World (1997), David Boring (2000), Ice Haven (2005), and Wilson (2010), which have redefined the language … READ ON


Sigrid Nunez

Sigrid Nunez reflects on Susan Sontag

March 2011

Sigrid Nunez, a New York–based writer, has published six novels. Here, she talks about her latest book, Sempre Susan: A Memoir of Susan Sontag, in which she looks back on her years living with Sontag and her son, David Rieff, in the 1970s. … READ ON


“A Room, In Three Movements”

January 2011

This exhibition is pleasing not just for the freshness of the individual works on view but for the rare cogency of its aims and ambience as well. Over the course of the show’s run, the sculptures in the gallery––made by Katy Heinlein, Sheila… READ ON


Jackie Gendel

April 2010

Man Leaving the Picture, 2010, the first painting one encounters on entering Jackie Gendel’s second solo show at this gallery, sets the tone for this gem of an exhibition. In it, a rotund man, wearing a greenish, hazmat suit–like outfit, is… READ ON


Marlo Pascual

January 2010

The line that lies between sculpture and photography has been explored to the point of near erasure in some recent art. In Marlo Pascual’s first solo exhibition at this gallery, she joins the conversation, exhibiting work that incorporates … READ ON


Yitzhak Livneh

September 2008

For those familiar with Yitzhak Livneh’s prolific career, it might come as a mild surprise to realize that this exhibition is, in fact, only the artist’s first solo museum outing. After all, over the past quarter century, Livneh has become … READ ON