Nicolas Trembley


May 2017

Curated by Anne Dressen with Michèle Heuzé and Benjamin Lignel This exhibition might be the most ambitious project dealing with jewelry ever conceived for a museum. The titular reference to taboos relays that while gems may be popular within… READ ON


Oh My Gstaad

Elevation 1049 in Gstaad


WITH RECORD-LOW SNOWFALLS, Swiss ski resorts appear to be the latest casualty of global climate change.  Which is a shame, since winter sports are now intrinsically bound to Swiss contemporary art—that is, to cultural attractions that keep … READ ON


Love for Sail

The opening of the Fondation Louis Vuitton in Paris

October 2014 PARIS

AFTER SIX YEARS of pharaonic construction, the long-awaited Fondation Louis Vuitton building, imagineered by Frank Gehry, emerged during FIAC week in Paris with a succession of openings that kept crazy-busy an army of PR and various other … READ ON


Again and Again

Sturtevant and the Serpentine Summer Party

July 2013 LONDON

THE FACT THAT THE ART WORLD does not have the same criteria for assessment as the rest of the world was brought home to me recently while in a taxi with Sturtevant—indisputably one of the most influential artists of the twentieth and twenty-first… READ ON


The Fischer King

Urs Fischer at Palazzo Grassi

April 2012 VENICE

IT WAS RAINING when Urs Fischer’s exhibition opened at the Palazzo Grassi. When it rains in Venice, armies of parka-clad tourists toting umbrellas of all colors wind down the narrow streets. Fischer, the anti-Abramović, was conspicuously … READ ON


Again and Again

Sturtevant at the Moderna Museet

March 2012 STOCKHOLM

LAST FRIDAY, cover artist Sturtevant took over the Moderna Museet with her new exhibition “Bild över bild” (Image over Image), her first show in Scandinavia, which travels to the Kunsthalle Zurich at the end of the year. Friends, curators, … READ ON


Crown Prince

“Prince/Picasso” at the Museo Picasso Málaga

March 2012 MÁLAGA, SPAIN

THE TWO MOST FAMOUS PEOPLE ever born in Málaga, Spain, are Pablo Picasso and Antonio Banderas. They’ll soon come together when the actor portrays the artist in filmmaker Carlos Saura’s biopic 33 dias. But on Monday, Málaga celebrated a … READ ON


Talking Shop

Art/fashion collaborations at Art Basel Miami Beach

December 2011 MIAMI

I CAN’T BELIEVE how many people I met in Miami who had not yet made it to the big fair, even though that’s why we were all (ostensibly) there in the first place. It turns out it wasn’t Art Basel that they were interested in, but “Art Basel”—the… READ ON


Breaking News

The 38th FIAC art fair

October 2011 PARIS

BRIGHT SUN, NO APPARENT STRIKES, and last week’s surprising announcement in the World Wealth Report that France is the European country with the most millionaires per square meter: All of this boosted enthusiasm for the opening of the … READ ON


Plot Point

The 10th Sharjah Biennial

March 2011 SHARJAH

EXHAUSTED, I GOT OFF THE CATTLE TRUCK that is the new Paris-Dubai Airbus 380 at 3 AM on Tuesday, March 15. After an hour’s wait at customs, the Bangladeshi driver who was to take me to the neighboring emirate of Sharjah asked if I wouldn’t … READ ON