Nicole Rudick

Brian Chippendale’s Puke Force


November 2016

Puke Force, by Brian Chippendale. Montreal: Drawn & Quarterly, 2015. 120 pages.  NOISE IS IN THE EAR OF THE BEHOLDER—a “catchall phrase for overwhelming stuff with abstract elements or ‘energy,’ elements involving harsher tendencies,” as … READ ON

IN PRINT November 2016 [TOC]

James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook

James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook talk about 7 Miles a Second

March 2013

James Romberger and Marguerite Van Cook are New York–based artists who, in 1984, opened the East Village gallery Ground Zero, which showed pioneering installation, performance, and multimedia work. One of their earliest artists was David … READ ON


Gary Panter

October 2011

Gary Panter’s first solo show at Fredericks & Freiser is an odd affair. It is presented much like a debut exhibition, with introductory remarks about his general style, yet it offers a quarter century of work. What's more, the show’s twenty… READ ON


Rachell Sumpter

July 2011

The seven paintings in Rachell Sumpter’s latest exhibition—bright, delicate evocations of tribal existence in forests thick with plant life—measure just under one square foot each. Populated by impossibly small human figures and vines the … READ ON


Comic Strip

Nicole Rudick on Dash Shaw

December 2009

CINEMATIC IS OFTEN A FRAUGHT TERM when used to describe comics. On the one hand, it can aptly express a story’s visual syntax (close-ups, jump cuts, dissolves); applied a different way, however, it derogatorily suggests that a series of panels… READ ON


Mariah Robertson

October 2009

While most young photographers plunge into theory, politics, or portraiture to develop their themes, Mariah Robertson can’t get out of the darkroom. Her aim is to explore the process of making pictures, rather than making meaning, and she … READ ON


Andrei Molotiu

Andrei Molotiu discusses Abstract Comics: The Anthology

August 2009

Andrei Molotiu is an artist and art historian who teaches at Indiana University, Bloomington, and who recently edited Abstract Comics: The Anthology, the first collection devoted to the genre. Offering experiments by established cartoonists… READ ON


Basil Wolverton

June 2009

What do Miss Bedney Flunt, Miss Fludney Bent, Miss Flentney Bunt, and Miss Blentney Funt have in common? Unreasonably odd proboscises and the hilarious misfortune of being drawn by Basil Wolverton. An artist and writer of sci-fi and humor … READ ON


“Jaromír Funke and the Amateur Avant-Garde”

May 2009

The first extensive show of Funke’s photographs outside Europe displays his lyric imagery alongside that of twenty-two of his compatriots. Some seventy works will contextualize this lesser known movement of self-taught photographers within … READ ON


“Silent Pictures”

May 2009

The show combines selections from Art Spiegelman’s collection of rare early-twentieth-century wordless comics with materials gathered in the course of cartoonist Andrei Molotiu’s research into contemporary abstract comics.… READ ON