Nolan Boomer

Syeus Mottel


August 2017

Syeus Mottel, freelance photographer and media consultant for Buckminster Fuller, spent the months between September 1972 and January 1973 documenting and interviewing the community of CHARAS, a grassroots organization made up of ex–gang … READ ON


“El Helicoide: From Mall to Prison”

Center for Architecture

June 2017

El Helicoide (The Helicoid) stands in the Caracas landscape layered like the world’s most extravagant cake. Conceived by architect Jorge Romero Gutiérrez in 1955, the reinforced-concrete edifice was supported by Marcos Pérez Jiménez’s military… READ ON


Andres Serrano

The School - Jack Shainman Gallery

February 2017

Against all odds, much of Andres Serrano’s photographic work remains intact. While the publicly funded Piss Christ (Immersions), 1987, is absent from this selection, a history of volatile reception lurks like a shadow throughout the exhibition.… READ ON


“The Other Architect”

The Arthur Ross Architecture Gallery, Columbia GSAPP

November 2016

An architect with a subdued affect discusses his meticulous archiving process in a looping video outside the main exhibition. For him, a project can be a sketch, a study, or even meeting minutes, just as much as it can be a completed building.… READ ON


“Folding, Refraction, Touch”

Harvard Art Museums

October 2016

Spread into clusters over a whole wall, Wolfgang Tillmans’s nineteen-part installation Folding, Refraction, Touch, 2013, marries his early sensual nightlife portraiture with his later conceptual, self-reflexive photography. In his images of… READ ON


Eric Avery

Smith College Museum of Art

September 2016

Eric Avery studied printmaking and later trained to become a physician. His artistic production blends these two practices, resulting in woodcuts that draw on his personal and professional history as a gay doctor to express the HIV-positive… READ ON