Nuit Banai

Sharon Ya’ari

February 2017

In the exhibition “Officers’ Pool,” Sharon Ya’ari continued his long-standing consideration of photography’s double capacity to function as both a documentary mechanism and an intervention in reality. Building on this paradoxical multivalence,… READ ON

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Yto Barrada

December 2016

Yto Barrada’s video Faux départ (False Start), 2015—an investigation of the artisanal production of fake fossils—served as something like an establishing shot for her recent exhibition “The Sample Book.” The film follows the exacting methods… READ ON

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“Conditions of Political Choreography”

September 2016

Curated by Marius Babias, Sergio Edelsztein, Sophie Goltz, and Chen Tamir Mining the current intensification of nationalism in Germany and Israel, this collaboration between Tel Aviv’s CCA and the Neuer Berliner Kunstverein explores the … READ ON


“Ragnar Kjartansson: Architecture and Morality”

May 2016

Curated by Chen Tamir For this solo exhibition, Ragnar Kjartansson will take up plein air painting, producing one work each day as he did at the 2009 Venice Biennale. Depicting Israeli homes in the West Bank, Kjartansson inserts a methodology… READ ON


Anna Jermolaewa

April 2016

Is it possible to preserve the collective memories of Communism in Russia after its transition to turbocapitalism? And what about in a conflict-ridden Ukraine caught between allegiances to East and West? While Anna Jermolaewa is not alone in… READ ON

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Natalia Załuska

February 2016

Some populist North American critics have used the moniker “zombie formalism” to describe recent abstract painting. This begs the question: Does that venerable modernist mode still have critical potential in a moment of extreme financialization… READ ON

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Carola Dertnig

June 2015

In Vienna, the ghost of Actionism appears at regular intervals—whether in the form of pride in this homegrown avant-garde or disdain for its phallocentric ways. The iconic films and photographs of bodily aggressions and transgressions—both … READ ON

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Wilfredo Prieto and Ariel Schlesinger

April 2015

Wilfredo Prieto and Ariel Schlesinger’s double billing of new sculptures and installations marked a fascinating development in the articulation of Conceptual art. Reframing the conversation surrounding the so-called dematerialization of the… READ ON

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Cosima von Bonin

February 2015

Was there a critical entry point into Cosima von Bonin’s reference-laden retrospective, or have we reached a historical condition in which the “handmade readymade”—a couture item especially manufactured for the museological context that also… READ ON

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Suara Welitoff

May 2014

Since the visual devices in Suara Welitoff’s photographs and video—subtle shades of gray and muddled focal points—are often employed to signal nostalgia, the artist’s recent exhibition “Sometimes Time Trembles” can all too hastily be reduced… READ ON

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