Paige K. Bradley

Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart talks about Xiu Xiu’s record FORGET and recent collaborations

February 2017

Across thirteen albums and a handful of EPs, Xiu Xiu have remained a prickly, relentless force, inspiring loyalty, love, annoyance, and disgust in equal measure. Some people never get over their music, and some you couldn’t pay to even approach… READ ON


On the Ground: New York

December 2016

THERE WERE SIGNS.  History doesn’t graciously step aside for the new to waltz into the future. Remember how the 2016 calendar year began prematurely? Well, the untimely is the very rhythm of suicide—Chantal Akerman departed the October before… READ ON


Ree Morton

Alexander and Bonin

October 2016

Ree Morton flew her own flags—for proof, see a whole wall of them displayed here. Made of nylon and emblazoned with the names of her nearest and dearest, Something in the Wind, 1975, was strung up on a ship docked at the South Street Seaport… READ ON


Suellen Rocca

Matthew Marks Gallery | 523 West 24th Street

September 2016

Paintings, drawings, purses—if one of these things does not belong, then who really wants to be in that club? Suellen Rocca’s show of twenty-five works from 1965 to 1969, featuring that happy trio, blithely goes its own way, giving pointers… READ ON


Andrew Norman Wilson

Andrew Norman Wilson on his project for the Gwangju Biennale

August 2016

Andrew Norman Wilson is an artist and curator based in Los Angeles whose videos and installations address a heady rush of images, technology, and bodies caught in the streams of circulation and representation that our era demands. He has … READ ON


War Lorde

August 2016

MUSIC VIDEOS ARE BACK—even the New York Times thinks so. But one of the year’s best won’t be anywhere near this weekend’s MTV Video Music Awards. The montage for “A World Alone,” the closing track of producer Airport’s cassette-tape album … READ ON


Jibade-Khalil Huffman

Jibade-Khalil Huffman on his exhibitions at the Studio Museum in Harlem and LACE

June 2016

Jibade-Khalil Huffman is an artist working fluidly across poetry, video, photography, and installation. Fence Books has published most of his poetry—including the collections Sleeper Hold (2015) and 19 Names for Our Band (2008). Currently an… READ ON



DIS on curating the 9th Berlin Biennale

May 2016

DIS are a collective whose activities flirt across many spheres of contemporary culture—art, fashion, publishing, and now curating, in which their first major outing is the ninth edition of the Berlin Biennale, “The Present in Drag.” The show… READ ON


My So-Called Weekend

The 12th Gallery Weekend Berlin

May 2016 BERLIN

I WAS EXPECTING A WARM WELCOME in Berlin. But instead, the schizophrenic weather beckoned me into more of a winter formal for the city’s twelfth annual Gallery Weekend. Carly Fiorina was announced as Ted Cruz’s running mate for the GOP … READ ON


Ed Atkins

The Kitchen

April 2016

A video, an empty stage, and you: These are the things that make Ed Atkins’s show go. For this sparest of installations—which feels radical next to the overbearing clusterfuck exhibitions so au courant these days (Mike Kelley they ain’t)—the… READ ON