Patrick Greaney

Jorge Macchi

Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires (Malba)

April 2016

“Perspective” is Jorge Macchi’s most expansive show to date in his hometown of Buenos Aires. A survey of more than fifty works from the past twenty years—including paintings, collages, videos, and installations—the exhibition is anchored by… READ ON


“International Pop”

Walker Art Center

May 2015

Full of productive juxtapositions and sight lines that bring together Conceptual, Fluxus, Neo-concrete, and classic Pop works from four continents, “International Pop” presents a complex interpretation of postwar art. The works exhibited are… READ ON


Mark Mothersbaugh

Museum of Contemporary Art Denver (MCA DENVER)

January 2015

When Kent State shut down after the 1970 shootings, art students Mark Mothersbaugh and Gerald Casale were locked out of their studios and made music at home. They later named their band DEVO, short for “de-evolution,” their term for all the… READ ON


Harmony Hammond


September 2014

Harmony Hammond’s exhibition “Becoming/UnBecoming Monochrome” offers a sampling of the artist’s works, including fourteen large paintings from 2001–2014, fifteen smaller paintings from the mid 1970s, and Collection of Fragments, 1974–76, a … READ ON


Eduardo Costa

Museo de Arte Moderno Buenos Aires (MAMBA)

August 2014

In 1968, Vogue published Richard Avedon’s photo of star model Marisa Berenson wearing a twenty-four-karat golden ear made by Eduardo Costa, a young Argentine artist living in New York. This was one of Costa’s many “Fashion Fictions,” wearable… READ ON


Mimmo Rotella

Palazzo Reale

August 2014

Mimmo Rotella described his décollages as a “protest against a society that has lost the desire for change.” By tearing down advertising posters and peeling away some of their surface in his studio, he wanted to release the materials’ latent… READ ON