Piper Marshall


Galerie Buchholz | New York

December 2015

Julie Ault’s mutable exhibition as archive, “afterlife,” 2014–15, first shown at the 2014 Whitney Biennial, continues loosening—or “queering”—the straightened seams of narrative by bringing together objects, homages, and conversations from … READ ON


Luther Price

Callicoon Fine Arts

October 2015

In the 1980s, he traveled to Nicaragua to make work with a group of artists. The accident happened so quickly, the bullet piercing the skin in advance of reflex. One photograph foregrounds this accident in his latest exhibition: We see Luther… READ ON


Mike Kelley

Hauser & Wirth | Chelsea

September 2015

Let’s begin with the allegory of Superman and the way the cultural icon pushes the conventions of heroics (alien on Earth and alienated from Kandor), all expressed within the concision of a comic strip. Beyond the habit of metaphor, the story… READ ON


Ebecho Muslimova


July 2015

A particular smell clings to New York City’s Chinatown in the summer. The aroma makes its way to Orchard Street. It inflects the eight drawings hanging at Room East. These direct cartoons depict FATEBE. FATEBE is artist Ebecho Muslimova’s … READ ON


Barbara Kasten


April 2015

Barbara Kasten did not study with Josef Albers, but the Bauhaus ghosts her work. The photographs on view in her latest exhibition are constructions, geometric props positioned to throw colored light and shadows across the page. The plastic … READ ON


“Guyton, Price, Smith, Walker”

Plymouth Rock

June 2014

They sling readymade fabric over stretchers and call it painting (Thomas Sauter), download open-source software to build digital utopias (Emanuel Rossetti), splice samples of Ciara and R. Kelly with disregard for copyright (Hannah Weinberger),… READ ON


Jordan Wolfson

David Zwirner | 519, 525 & 533 West 19th Street

March 2014

Jordan Wolfson is a filmmaker in the traditional sense, drawing more from the history of cinema than from art. The specific strategy of his celluloid, digital, and animated beauties involves layering, where one film exists within or on top … READ ON


Reality Bites

Piper Marshall on Gallery Girls

August 2012

OH MY GOD, I’m having a quarter-life crisis. Should I quit my job to join the rank of interns at SoHo’s infamous Eli Klein Fine Art? Sigh.  It might be a recession, but a girl can dream and drain her trust fund.  Who doesn’t have a plan? A … READ ON


Girls Girls Girls

Piper Marshall at a conversation between Lena Dunham and Nora Ephron

April 2012

THE CHRISTMAS after I moved to New York, my mom gave me the complete DVD set of Seinfeld. “Piper,” she said, “your real life is like Carrie Bradshaw, why not try some Kramer?” If only we all lived in a rent-controlled, West Village apartment… READ ON


John Miller

Metro Pictures

February 2012

John Miller’s revered output finds inspiration in the writings of Henri Lefebvre and Walter Benjamin, the drawings of Douglas Huebler, and the indisputable hospitality of the Midwest. His latest site-specific installation, Suburban Past Time,… READ ON