Piper Marshall

Finish Fetish

The Last Word at the Guggenheim

January 2012 NEW YORK

WHO DOESN’T SHOW UP to their own funeral? And who, in god’s name, sends friends and strangers as surrogates? Maurizio Cattelan, that’s who. The ostensible occasion for The Last Word, Saturday’s seven-hour-long endurance “symposium”/roast at… READ ON


Hash the Planet

Closing events for Ryan Trecartin and Terence Koh

September 2011 NEW YORK

LIKE SHUT UP, THIS IS IMPORTANT.  The temperament of our generation can be summed up by the hashmark. If the ’90s were full of “quotation marks” indicating irony, a decisive sarcasm and a distance from the opinion of norms, our current climate… READ ON


Sean Landers

June 2011

Hallmark work can catapult artists’ careers so far forward that their names eventually eclipse their subsequent art before it is even seen—Lawrence Weiner is perhaps the most notable case, though Richard Berry, Ed Ruscha, and even Cy Twombly… READ ON


Sonia Delaunay

May 2011

On view in this vast exhibition are Sonia Delaunay’s textiles and preparative studies, as well as poems, paintings, and photographic documentation of her patterns applied to window displays and even automobiles. The multifarious artist’s … READ ON


Josh Smith

March 2011

In his third solo exhibition at this gallery, the indefatigable Josh Smith employs a form of morbid humor through a study of memento mori that treads the line between irony and sincerity. A macabre sensibility lurks in his recent paintings,… READ ON


Gene Beery

October 2010

This exhibition, the first at Algus Greenspon, presents a five-decade sampling of the little-known Conceptualist Gene Beery’s paintings, several of which forgo dithering aphorisms for some knotty wordplay. The artist’s sharp, direct wit is … READ ON


“Avenue of the Americas”

September 2010

More often than not, people dislike public art, as it can convey social and political programming. These foreign placeholders of policy surreptitiously insert themselves into the prosaic cityscape by government mandate. An obvious anomaly is… READ ON


Stefan Kalmár

Stefan Kalmár talks about Charlotte Posenenske

June 2010

Stefan Kalmár is the director and curator of Artists Space. Below, he discusses Charlotte Posenenske’s withdrawal from the art world in 1968 as well as her importance to Minimalism and relational aesthetics. The first institutional exhibition… READ ON


Tamar Halpern

June 2010

Pinned to the wall like street posters, the five large-scale works on paper in Tamar Halpern’s solo exhibition look like impossible monoprints. Halpern deftly employs a range of digital and physical effects here that leave a melee of marks.… READ ON


Maria Lassnig

May 2010

For nearly sixty years the Austrian artist Maria Lassnig has explored the concept of “body awareness” in paint, concentrating on minute corporeal stirrings and rendering the sensations with quick and long brushstrokes on canvas. This technique… READ ON