Power Ekroth

Law and Order

The 6th Momentum Biennial

June 2011 MOSS, NORWAY

“IMAGINE BEING HERE NOW” was the title of the sixth Momentum Biennial in Moss, Norway. Given that many international art-world aficionados had hightailed it home after Art Basel, the show’s name was unusually apropos. I arrived from Berlin … READ ON


Martin Gustavsson

May 2007

The sky seems to be the limit in “Wrath of God,” Martin Gustavsson’s painted reinterpretations of Gustave Doré’s engravings detailing the story of Sodom and Gomorrah. There is absolutely nothing modest about these canvases. The subject is of… READ ON


Lothar Hempel

March 2007

The layers of Lothar Hempel’s dense artworks are indeed manifold, with references to ideologies, music, theater, Greek tragedy, politics, and historical eras adding up to one uniquely complex world. Curated by Florence Derieux, the artist’s… READ ON


Johan Zetterquist

February 2007

Large-scale public art is not sexy; the bombastic, phallic monuments that can allure often draw viewers toward toxic political ideas. For Johan Zetterquist’s second exhibition at this gallery, the artist continues to find ways to reinvigorate… READ ON


Tris Vonna-Michell

September 2006

Rather than send out a written press release, gallery representatives personally telephone invitees, inaugurating a dialogue that constitutes the show’s artistic premise. Arriving at the gallery, visitors find the young British artist and … READ ON


Knut Åsdam

July 2006

In the most famous video by Norwegian artist Knut Åsdam, Untitled: Pissing, 1995, one is confronted with the close-up of a man’s crotch as he urinates while wearing dress pants. This work was presented in the Nordic Pavilion at the Venice … READ ON


Lars Siltberg

April 2006

Watching Lars Siltberg’s latest videos, it seems appropriate to quote from Spinoza’s Ethics: “[No] one has yet been taught by experience what the body can do merely by the laws of nature.” Siltberg’s attention centers on the Cartesian problem… READ ON


Johan Thurfjell

February 2006

The postcard for “Messages to a Friend,” Johan Thurfjell's second solo exhibition at this gallery, depicts an imaginary landscape (Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, all works 2006) with the following memo on the back: “DEAREST WHEN YOU READ THIS … READ ON


French Cred

Notre Histoire . . .”

January 2006 PARIS

Marking the end of a four-year collaboration (and the contract that brought them together), “Notre Histoire . . . ” [“Our Story/History”] is a grande sortie for Jérôme Sans and Nicolas Bourriaud, the Palais de Tokyo’s founding directors. And… READ ON


“Blankess Is Not a Void”

December 2005

Standard (Oslo) only opened its doors in April, but has already developed an ambitious program. For his first show in the space, the artist Gardar Eide Einarsson, who belongs to the Standard stable, has organized “Blankness Is Not a Void,” … READ ON