Quinn Latimer

Kiki Kogelnik

May 2015

Curated by Ciara Moloney Austrian artist Kiki Kogelnik understood the female body as a kind of technology, both operated by and producing femininity, female desire, and feminist militancy. Kogelnik (1935–1997), traveling between New York and… READ ON



April 2015

AN ARM STRETCHES across a concrete floor, a Lonely Arm, 2013. Salmon-colored, latex, it is not, in fact, an arm; it is a glove. Still, the allusion to an arm animates it, narrates its—what—well, technically material loneliness. In another … READ ON

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Poets’ Problems

“Poetry will be made by all!” at the LUMA Foundation

February 2014 ZURICH

“POETRY AS DRIFT, as presentation, not representation,” notes Norma Cole in a series of letters addressing the work of the exacting, exemplary French poet Emmanuel Hocquard. I was rereading Cole’s epistolary essay, titled “ ‘A Formal Type Of… READ ON


Thomas Julier

February 2014

We increasingly look to screens for our views of our world rather than to the world itself. Light, the occasion for our sight, reaches our eyes from laptop, phone, camera—any of our interchangeable monitors. It glows as evenly as an infinity… READ ON

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Viktor Korol

December 2013

Refusal and withdrawal are familiar themes in contemporary art; their traces and spectral shadows stretch everywhere, touching each medium. Beyond all the examples catalogued by Susan Sontag in her 1967 essay “The Aesthetics of Silence,” … READ ON

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Paulina Olowska

September 2013

STYLE NEVER REALLY GOES OUT OF STYLE. Paulina Olowska knows this. She also knows resurrection—its rules and its rust—which she uses as a speculative tool, invoking a litany of historical, elegant forebears, mostly women (finally and thank … READ ON

IN PRINT September 2013 [TOC]

Javier Téllez

September 2013

Curated by Thomas Caron Rarely does a pedagogical practice rooted in a deeply ethical consciousness produce such incandescent work—and if said practice primarily concerns “madness,” the architectonics of confinement, and structural film, its… READ ON


Nicola Martini, Virginia Overton, Magali Reus

May 2013

“Shiftings, displacings . . . sets of membranes, one inside the other, dense bodies, soft, thin, rigid.” Nicola Martini’s recent artist statement evokes an undeniable corporality, though no figures occur overtly in his work. The Italian … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2013 [TOC]

Dunja Herzog and G. Küng

April 2013

Materials and their metamorphoses might have been the casual thesis of “Under a hunch,” organized by Rahel Schelker. This subtle yet convincing exhibition of works by Dunja Herzog and G. Küng (with a singular assist by an elder, Terry Fox, … READ ON

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Akram Zaatari

January 2013

“THERE’S A CAMEL IN THE PICTURE,” a woman’s voice intones with dry precision in the first lines of Akram Zaatari’s magisterial feature-length video This Day, 2003, which stands at the center of the artist’s affecting survey at Le Magasin, … READ ON

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