Rachel Withers

Michael Stevenson

September 2016

Michael Stevenson’s installation Signs & Wonders, 2015–16, has a lot to do with flight, and is now something of a frequent flier itself. Having previously been shown at Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen, and Midway Contemporary Art, … READ ON

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John Wood and Paul Harrison

September 2015

A 2006 essay by artist Ian White gently chided what he saw as the default critical approach to John Wood and Paul Harrison’s short, epigrammatic films and sculptures: a rush to immediate, endless comparison with historical examples of … READ ON

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Isaac Julien

Isaac Julien on a survey of his work in the Netherlands and his film PLAYTIME

March 2015

Isaac Julien is an artist and filmmaker whose exhibition “RIOT” at the De Pont Museum in Tilburg, the Netherlands, surveys the past thirty years of his work and presents earlier pieces in conversation with a new seven-screen installation … READ ON


Hannah Höch

June 2014

Thanks not least to Maud Lavin’s 1993 study, Cut with the Kitchen Knife: The Photomontages of Hannah Höch, the centrality of Höch’s contribution to Berlin Dada is now generally accepted. But, based on the evidence of Daniel F. Herrmann, Dawn… READ ON

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Magali Reus

May 2014

Magali Reus’s exhibition “In Lukes and Dregs” came with a feverish press release promising “dirty realism,” “perversion,” “social taboo,” “filthy interiors,” “amoral vices,” “sexualized . . . protrusions,” Brutalism and fetishism—but visitors… READ ON

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Elizabeth Price

January 2014

Rosalind Krauss’s 1976 essay “Video: The Aesthetics of Narcissism” identified various tactics by which the then nascent art form might distance itself from the dislocating, dehistoricizing products of mainstream TV. Number one was to “exploit… READ ON

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Monica Ross

Monica Ross on Anniversary—an act of memory

June 2013

The works of British artist Monica Ross employ drawing, performance, video, and text to address questions of memory and history. Ross’s project Anniversary—an act of memory celebrates its culminating fifth year this year, with the concluding… READ ON


John Riddy

Frith Street Gallery

May 2013

John Riddy’s photographs of Palermo are the outcome of repeated visits to the Italian city over several years. This series, made over a span of three years beginning in 2011, feature superb monochrome images that possess a thrilling intensity… READ ON


Jim Shaw

May 2013

The Jim Shaw retrospective “The Rinse Cycle” successfully represented nearly all the artist’s major projects since 1978, the year he received his MFA from the California Institute of the Arts. The exhibition even included the “Thrift Store … READ ON

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Geraldo de Barros

The Photographers' Gallery

February 2013

This exhibition of São Paulan artist Geraldo de Barros is the UK’s first, and it serves up not just a winning introduction to de Barros’s dynamic, technically brilliant collages and photomontages, but (albeit incidentally) a teaser as to how… READ ON