Rhonda Lieberman

Dog Days of Summer

The first dOGUMENTA

August 2017 NEW YORK

DEAR ARTFORUM DIARY,  Last Sunday my dog Rulo and I caught the final afternoon of dOGUMENTA, a three-day event promoted as “America’s first art show for dogs,” organized by NYC-based art critic Jessica Dawson and Mica Scalin, a creative … READ ON


Out of Seasons

The Four Seasons auction

July 2016 NEW YORK

ANOTHER NEW YORK ICON BITES THE DUST—or in this case is auctioned off—as Gotham is made over for the convenience of global capital, entitled frat-type party people, and conspicuous consumers eager for the next buzzy “spot.” I am used to … READ ON


House of Cards

A Flawless Sabrina tarot reading at the Whitney Biennial

May 2014 NEW YORK

DECADES PRE-RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE, in the days when men in “dresses were arrested by men in black dresses,” Flawless Sabrina, aka Jack Doroshow, produced and MC’d scores of camp “Miss All-American Beauty Pageants” and shot to fame in the 1968 … READ ON


Mind Your Language

Isabella Rossellini at the Rubin Museum

January 2014 NEW YORK

SHOWCASING BUDDHAS in the former Barneys New York Chelsea flagship, the Rubin Museum conjures brilliant programming to connect its timeless stash with current tastes in enlightenment. Adding a few ascetics to the mix, its popular Brainwave … READ ON


Rhonda Lieberman

December 2013

AS CORPORATOCRACY darkens our collective door, income inequality soars the highest since 1928, and journalism is chilled if not altogether frozen out by the aforementioned factors, this year’s Best celebrates underdogs, whistleblowers, and … READ ON


Suffer the Children

The opening of “NYC 1993” at the New Museum

February 2013 NEW YORK

I KNEW A MUSEUM SHOW ABOUT “NYC 1993” would be creepy, I just didn’t know what kind of creepy. When the nostalgia train hits a time when you were actually an adult, you palpably experience the constructedness of history. Younger colleagues … READ ON


Rhonda Lieberman

December 2012

FROM THE SUBLIME TO THE RIDICULOUS:  “Matisse: In Search of True Painting” (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Dec. 4, 2012 – March 17, 2013); “The Steins Collect: Matisse, Picasso and the Parisian Avant-Garde” (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Feb. 28… READ ON


Rhonda Lieberman on Barbara Kruger’s “Remote Control”

September 2012

BARBARA KRUGER is an excellent close reader of the idiot box—formally, aesthetically, and politically. From 1985 to 1990, she wrote a column on television for Artforum called “Remote Control.” I must admit I dipped back into these texts with… READ ON

IN PRINT September 2012 [TOC]

Projection Runway

The premiere of Marina Abramović The Artist Is Present

June 2012 NEW YORK

DEAR ARTFORUM DIARY,  On Thursday I was present at the latest mythologization of Marina Abramović at the Museum of Modern Art: a screening of Marina Abramović The Artist Is Present, the HBO doc chronicling the performance artiste as she … READ ON


Venus Extravaganza

Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale and “ Rebours”

May 2012 NEW YORK

DEAR ARTFORUM DIARY,  Back in the trenches with the 1 percent! On Wednesday, my beat started at the Sotheby’s Contemporary Art evening auction. A seasoned scribe prepared me: “There’s a press pit, so we’re kept separate from the really rich.… READ ON