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Dieter Moebius (1944–2015)

Rob Young on Dieter Moebius (1944–2015)

December 2015

THE GERMAN SWISS MUSICIAN Dieter Moebius, who died from cancer in the summer of 2015, rarely allowed himself to be interviewed over his seventy-one-year life. He preferred, it seems, to articulate his thoughts via an effortless facility with… READ ON


Edgar Froese (1944–2015)

Rob Young on Edgar Froese (1944–2015)

March 2015

WHAT IS CALLED DRAMA in musical terminology is frequently valued but often overrated: too often associated with the operatically overblown or the whining catgut of suspense. Watching the nail-biting sequences in William Friedkin’s unjustly … READ ON


Aphex Twin’s Syro


January 2015

IN THE 1990S, producers of IDM—so-called intelligent dance music—faithfully observed three unwritten rules. One: Stay anonymous, hiding your true name behind an arras of aliases. Two: Keep pushing the music into the future; nostalgists, stay… READ ON

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Gary Grimshaw (1946–2014)

Rob Young on Gary Grimshaw (1946–2014)

March 2014

IN AN ESSAY titled “Notes for the New Geology,” sci-fi novelist turned hippy philosopher Chester Anderson once wrote, “Rock is a tribal phenomenon, immune to definition and other typographical operations, and constitutes what might be called… READ ON


“David Bowie is”

June 2013

Watching David Bowie’s screen test at Andy Warhol’s Factory in 1971 is excruciating. Moments before it was recorded, the artist had reacted with typical blankness to a playback of Bowie’s song “Andy Warhol,” and the young singer, his flowing… READ ON

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Ravi Shankar (1920–2012)

Rob Young on Ravi Shankar (1920–2012)

January 2013

 BEFORE THE MID-1950S, the eternal drone and circadian rhythms of Indian classical music seldom reached Western ears. The unfamiliar scales and dynamics of the raga and the surging buzz of the sitar remained exotic and misunderstood… READ ON


“Linder: Femme/Objet

January 2013

Curated by Emmanuelle de l’Ecotais What makes Linder Sterling’s artwork so different, so appealing? Perhaps the sawn-off, Schwittersesque Merz that blasts through her DIY collages. Hacking images of household appliances, gooey cakes, facial… READ ON


Rob Young

Music: Best of 2012

December 2012

1 Scott Walker, Bish Bosch (4AD) A new Scott Walker album is always an event, but with Bish Bosch the American expat extends his dark and exploratory late style, delivering a breathtakingly adventurous record well worth the six-year wait. … READ ON

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“Home of Metal”


November 2011

RIDING THE IRON HORSE from London into Birmingham, I am always struck by how green and lush the outskirts still appear. Canals cut through the approaches, their crisp edges capitulating to the creeping undergrowth. You pass empty, smashed … READ ON

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