Robert-Jan Muller

Ellsworth Kelly

Museum Voorlinden

November 2016

Inaugurating the newly opened Museum Voorlinden (an initiative of Dutch collector Joop Van Caldenborgh) is the first posthumous Ellsworth Kelly exhibition, which features the painting Blue Ripe, 1959, one of Caldenborgh’s earliest purchases,… READ ON


Charlemagne Palestine

Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art

March 2016

Charlemagne Palestine’s huge Bösendorfer Imperial grand piano, with which he gives live performances (Musicaaacontinuaaameshuganaaa, 2016), is the centerpiece of this show, with seven rooms that include a display of video work from the 1970s,… READ ON


Sybren Renema

DŁrst Britt & Mayhew

December 2015

Sybren Renema is a man of tall tales, and in this exhibition he seems particularly inspired by the larger-than-life artists and explorers of the Romantic age. Twenty-two sculptures, collages, neons, and digital prints all refer to such grand… READ ON


Tino Sehgal

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

August 2015

Not long ago, I earned a well-deserved three Euros for sharing my thoughts on capitalism with what seemed to be a Stedelijk Museum employee facilitating Tino Sehgal’s “situation” This is Exchange, 2002. It was the fifth of the twenty or so … READ ON


Jerry Zeniuk

Slewe Galerie

April 2015

Although Jerry Zeniuk’s variously colored dots, alternately outlined with woolly edges or sharply defined, seem to take center stage in this exhibition, the space in which they hover is equally important. The canvas in between the dots … READ ON


Rory Pilgrim

andriesse eyck galerie

March 2015

Rory Pilgrim would seem to want to return to the world a sense of community and belonging. Rituals, lyrics, songs, and banners are often part of his work, implying that words speak louder than actions. In this installation, Pilgrim’s broad … READ ON


Chto Delat


January 2015

Known for distancing itself from Manifesta 10 during the Crimean crisis, the Russian collective Chto Delat has since its founding in 2003 established itself in a lineage of activist artist groups ranging from Art & Language to the Guerrilla… READ ON


“The Vincent Award 2014”


January 2015

The recipient of the 2014 Vincent Award—a fifty thousand euro prize given out every two years to a European artist—was the French-Albanian Anri Sala. All five nominees, though, submitted installations for an exhibition here. Three of them, … READ ON


“Superficial Hygiene”

De Hallen Haarlem

April 2014

With a selection of videos, sculptures, paintings, and installations by twelve artists, including Tauba Auerbach, Magali Reus, Helen Marten, and Erkka Nissinen, this group exhibition beckons its visitor to inquire what lies beneath the … READ ON


“Kara Hamilton, Christine Roland with Angie Keefer. Shoes by Steffie Christiaens”

Kunstverein Amsterdam

January 2014

Perhaps Kara Hamilton, in once characterizing her work as “critical decoration,” was also describing the works by fellow artists Christine Roland, Angie Keefer, and Steffie Christiaens that are included in this exhibition. Cooperation and … READ ON