Robin Peckham

Ren Hang (1987–2017)

Robin Peckham on Ren Hang (1987–2017)

June 2017

REN HANG, WHOSE PICTURES PROMISED a now that felt like it would last forever, whose personal presence mirrored the undying present he created for his work, is gone. Flipping through his photobooks now feels not like an act of memorial so much… READ ON


Yu Honglei

Antenna Space

August 2016

Yu Honglei frames his work in Platonic universals: It’s about flattening the architecture he lives in, the popular media he consumes, and the art history he has studied into a single plane of forms and ideas that coalesce into a practice. … READ ON


Yang Fudong

April 2015

Yang Fudong is an auteur. His invention of a filmic culture for the Chinese art world—that special milieu in which the intelligentsia and the nouveau riche have met on and off since the early twentieth century—casts everyone who comes in … READ ON

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“Advance Through Retreat”

September 2014

“New ink art,” the quasi-traditional painting practice that has enjoyed a critical and commercial resurgence over the past two years, is one side of an awareness of tradition that has never been far out of view in Chinese contemporary art. … READ ON

IN PRINT September 2014 [TOC]

Zhang Hui

Long March Space | 长征空间

May 2014

Zhang Hui is a painter who works in tight cycles, spending months or years on a particular subject or in a particular style before moving on. His cycles can be so distinct and so diverse that they appear, at times, as if they are the work of… READ ON


“Memo II”

White Space Beijing 空白空间|北京

April 2014

As the plasma of energetic young art in Beijing and its feeder cities congeals around multiple discrete positions, at least four rival factions join the melee in this exhibition. The highest-profile subculture on view could be called conceptual… READ ON


Singapore Biennale 2011

June 2011

The Third Singapore Biennale, titled “Open House” and organized by curators Trevor Smith and Russell Storer under the creative direction of Matthew Ngui, attempted to delineate concepts of home and process within artistic practice. As an … READ ON

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Tsang Tsou-choi

May 2011

First coming to global attention with the “Zone of Urgency” exhibition organized by Hou Hanru for the Venice Biennale in 2003, the late outsider street artist Tsang Tsou-choi is a biding and influential presence in Hong Kong contemporary art,… READ ON


Nadim Abbas

November 2010

For his first major solo exhibition, Nadim Abbas has transformed a small exhibition space hidden down an alley and behind a building into a singular environment of optical effect based on the collapsed figure of the shower-as-waterfall. … READ ON


Lu Yang

November 2010

Lu Yang, a young artist working in digital and organic media, has rocketed to prominence due to this unlikely combination of interests. She is a darling of the nascent Chinese new-media art scene, with previous exhibitions in many of Shanghai’s… READ ON