Rowan Ricardo Phillips

Fred Wilson

Pace Gallery | 534 W. 25th Street

September 2014

Urgent and metaphysical, Fred Wilson’s latest exhibition is an elegantly rendered meditation on the African diaspora. His sculpture The Mete of the Muse, 2006, occupies the center of the main room. An ancient Egyptian figure made of bronze … READ ON


Clayton Colvin

Margaret Thatcher Projects

April 2014

The nine paintings that comprise Birmingham, Alabama–based Clayton Colvin’s “Put Down Your Stars” operate within that inchoate space between stoic, Apollonian formalism and exuberant figural expression. Shapes—particularly squares, rhombi, … READ ON


“Sensitive Geometries. Brazil 1950s–1980s”

Hauser & Wirth | Uptown

October 2013

The contact high experienced between artists in Brazil and the visual grammars of Concrete art exemplified a vivid esprit de corps that, based on the quality of the work, should have had a greater global impact than it did. Alexander Calder… READ ON


Charles Gaines

Paula Cooper Gallery | 521 West 21st Street

September 2013

Charles Gaines rejects the idea that transcendence exists in his art. Nevertheless, the four bodies of work on display in his latest exhibition, “Notes on Social Justice,” are vibrant juxtapositions that vacillate between Gaines’s preferred… READ ON