Ryan E. Steadman

Anthony Campuzano

Churner and Churner

April 2013

Many artists today attempt to remove any evidence of their hand from their work, but Philadelphia-based artist Anthony Campuzano chooses instead to flood his otherwise reductive compositions with a compulsive scribble. Areas are densely … READ ON


Vera Iliatova

Monya Rowe Gallery

March 2013

“Nostalgia—it’s delicate, but potent,” says Don Draper of the American period drama Mad Men. “Nostalgia literally means ‘the pain from an old wound.’ It’s a twinge in your heart far more powerful than memory alone.” This particular brand of… READ ON


Jackie Gendel

Jeff Bailey Gallery

January 2013

Jackie Gendel is currently having her second show at this space in three months. The first opened eleven days before Hurricane Sandy deposited half the Hudson River on the gallery district of West Chelsea, and while Gendel’s initial exhibition,… READ ON


Doug Rickard

Yossi Milo Gallery

November 2012

By simply rephotographing printed advertisements in the late 1970s, Richard Prince unleashed a powerful new type of critique in contemporary art, while exposing the powerful resonance of commercial photography. Thirty-one years later, as web… READ ON


Eric Brown

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller

October 2012

It is a formidable challenge in the twenty-first century to craft an original and complex emotional response to modernism, but that is exactly what Eric Brown, for his first solo exhibition with this gallery, has done in this unique series … READ ON


Eugen Schönebeck

David Nolan Gallery

October 2012

In our politically divided country slowly recovering from a costly war, it is unsurprising that inward-facing abstraction has become the language of choice for many artists wanting to escape their circumstance. In 1961, two fledgling art … READ ON


Simryn Gill

Tracy Williams Ltd.

August 2012

“My Own Private Angkor,” Simryn Gill’s ethereal series of ninety photographs taken between 2007 and 2009, is a project as serendipitous as it is rigorously crafted. Gill, who will represent Australia at the 2013 Venice Biennale, shot this … READ ON


“Stretching Painting”

Galerie Lelong | New York

July 2012

In sharp contrast to James Cohan Gallery’s current show across the street from this exhibition, “Everyday Abstract-Abstract Everyday,” which emits a now-ness through its panoptic materiality, “Stretching Painting,” curated by Veronica Roberts,… READ ON


Albrecht Schnider

Marc Jancou Contemporary

June 2012

Albrecht Schnider’s aptly titled exhibition, “Melancholia of the Verge,” reveals an artist who is mourning painting’s slow and fitful loss of power over the collective consciousness. According to Freud, the melancholic turns against the object… READ ON


Molly Smith

Kate Werble Gallery

March 2012

When Franz Roh coined the term magic realism in 1925, it was to herald a return to the obsessive replication of objects in Golden Age Dutch painting, particularly still lifes. It is amusing that nearly a century later, during the isolating … READ ON