Ryan Steadman

“I Am the Magic Hand”

Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

July 2013

Curated by young painter Josephine Halvorson, “I Am the Magic Hand” is a lively exhibition of painting-related artworks that playfully breaks through the limiting art-historical template of customary painting surveys. What Halvorson brings … READ ON


Alex Kwartler and Elke Solomon

Klaus von Nichtssagend Gallery

June 2013

Alex Kwartler and Elke Solomon’s first mother-and-son exhibition of their individual and collaborative works is a multigenerational ode to light, the latest from a long pedigree of Western artists obsessed with the subject. Like the first … READ ON


Marcia Kure

Susan Inglett Gallery

May 2013

Despite the muted and humble appearance of Marcia Kure’s work, her interior world is extensive. Perhaps this is due to the African-born artist’s migration from Nigeria to Berlin, Maine, Atlanta, and now New Jersey, before the age of forty-three.… READ ON