Sabine B. Vogel

Edgar Honetschläger

May 2016

Those who make the pictures rule the world: By shaping our view of reality and informing our desires, pictures control what we do. Few institutions have exploited this power more expertly than the Catholic Church. For many centuries, images… READ ON

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“Love Me, Love Me Not”

Heydar Aliyev Center

April 2014

Organized by the nonprofit YARAT Contemporary Art, this exhibition debuted in the arsenal of last year’s Venice Biennial and is now on view in the futuristic Zaha Hadid–designed Heydar Aliyev Center in Baku, Azerbaijan. The show’s curator, … READ ON


Adel Abdessemed

Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

December 2013

Adel Abdessemed’s Spring, 2013, is an emotionally overwhelming video that documents chickens burning. It caused an outrage when it was originally shown, sending people about Doha into umbrage over its explicit contents—though the burning is… READ ON


Inci Furni

Galerie Krinzinger

November 2013

The image-world of the young Turkish artist Inci Furni is strange. In her previous watercolors she presented a single scene on paper or an isolated motif, including flying superwomen, space architecture, birds, and mummified beings with leaves… READ ON


Nilbar Güreş

October 2013

Blood trickles from a potted plant into a puddle of water lapping at a blow-dryer. A magician’s hat floats above the dryer’s electrical cord, from which razor blades, revolvers, and a bottle of poison rise into the air. Farther to the right,… READ ON

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Sudarshan Shetty

January 2013

A man juggles three ceramic jars in slow motion—the action is insignificant, a piece of entertainment. With this video—all works Untitled (from the show “the pieces earth took away”), 2012—Sudarshan Shetty invited us into his exhibition, … READ ON

IN PRINT January 2013 [TOC]

Edgar Honetschläger

December 2011

Perhaps best known as a filmmaker, Edgar Honetschläger makes work that often features sparse and symbolically charged actions. The Austrian artist’s latest film, AUN – The Beginning and the End of All Things, 2011, forgoes a linear narrative… READ ON


Anne Schneider

August 2011

Long, thin iron rods emerging from amorphous cement forms rise throughout Anne Schneider’s latest exhibition. Around them are stacked blankets, a stool, and a ladder. Each of these sculptures plays on associations, because the materials, as… READ ON


William J. O'Brien

May 2011

Chicago-based artist William J. O’Brien’s sculptures, drawings, and paintings are shrewdly insouciant. … READ ON


Gavin Turk

March 2011

Many of the works in this carefully assembled exhibition examine transience: A cone of ash is all that remains at a human’s end; a brick is reminiscent of long-gone street demonstrations; one of the maps of the world is plastered with brightly… READ ON