Sabine B. Vogel

Thomas Wrede

December 2010

All that can be seen for miles is an undefined milky white surface. Amid a welter of footprints, two tiny figures meander toward the horizon. Im Nebel (In the Fog), 2004, is part of Thomas Wrede’s series “Am Meer” (Seascapes), 2001–2007—images… READ ON

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Christian Philipp Müller

October 2010

For nearly five centuries, the coarse woolen fabric called loden has been produced in Styria, a state in southwest Austria. The material is primarily used in Trachtenkleidung, a type of traditional Austrian clothing that is often produced in… READ ON


De frente al sol

October 2010

“What is that great territorial region we know as Latin America?” This question serves as the point of departure for Mexican curator Patrick Charpenel’s exhibition “Del frente al sol” (Toward the Sun), which includes eighteen artists from … READ ON


Ana Torfs

May 2010

The video installations in Ana Torfs’s exhibition “Album Tracks A” work by way of overlappings and oppositions. Whereas the figures in the black-and-white sequences at first seem to be acting in complete isolation, suspended within abstract… READ ON

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Tarek Al-Ghoussein

April 2010

A man strides across an airfield toward a plane. A Palestinian scarf is wrapped around his head; his face is obscured. This is Tarek Al-Ghoussein’s best-known photograph from his series of “Self-Portraits,” 2002–2003. We immediately presume… READ ON


Dorothee Golz

March 2010

Dorothee Golz is well known for her humorous drawings of women whose social roles she intensifies to the point of absurdity. Take, for instance, Telekinetische Haushaltsbewältigung (Telekinetic Housekeeping), 2002, which depicts three women… READ ON


Tatiana Trouvé

March 2010

Tatiana Trouvé, an artist who was born in Italy, grew up in Senegal, and studied in France, now lives in Paris and has become an important player on the international contemporary scene. One of her early works, Rock, 2007, a large boulder … READ ON


Mithu Sen

January 2010

Mithu Sen is known above all for her erotic sculptures, photocollages, and drawings—and she herself often stands at their center, for instance in her photographic portraits from the series “Half Full,” 2007. As she humorously explains, using… READ ON

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Daniel Richter

December 2009

One of Germany’s most successful young painters, Daniel Richter made a name for himself in the 1990s with large abstract paintings. Since the turn of the millennium, he has become known for his large figurative works. Now, canvases from both… READ ON


Clemens Wolf

October 2009

For more than ten years, Clemens Wolf’s studio was the street. He eventually switched from street art to painting of an almost classical kind. His technique and subjects are still reminiscent of graffiti, but his conceptual ambition has … READ ON

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