Samantha Kuok Leese

Tsang Kin-Wah

M+ Pavilion

October 2016

The inaugural exhibition at the M+ Pavilion, “Nothing,” comprises a new site-specific commission of the same name made by Tsang Kin-Wah, who represented Hong Kong at the Fifty-Sixth Venice Biennale. Tsang’s immersive installation uses … READ ON


Wong Wai Yin

Spring Workshop

September 2016

At the entrance of Wong Wai Yin’s first solo exhibition in five years, a small monochromatic video shows the artist lying facedown on the ground, dressed in black (Reborn Every Second, all works 2016). Repeatedly, spirit-like versions of Wong… READ ON


Lee Kit

Lee Kit talks about his exhibition at the Walker Art Center

August 2016

Lee Kit is a Hong Kong–born, Taipei-based multimedia artist who represented Hong Kong at the 2013 Venice Biennale. His first solo museum exhibition in the US, “Hold your breath, dance slowly,” is currently showing at the Walker Art Center … READ ON


Margaret Lee


March 2016

Margaret Lee’s first solo show in Asia doubles as the Dallas Museum of Art’s inaugural off-site project. The commissioned series encompasses photography, painting, drawing, and sculpture, and reflects the artist’s interest in challenging … READ ON


Jane Lee


February 2016

Jane Lee’s residency at Singapore Tyler Print Institute resulted in thirty-three works that represent the artist’s first departure from abstraction. Introducing paper to her remarkably tactile oeuvre, Lee focuses on sequences, cutting, coiling,… READ ON


Antony Gormley

Event Horizon - Antony Gormley

January 2016

Recent public art in Hong Kong has tended toward the lighthearted. Florentijn Hofman’s giant inflated Rubber Duck floated in the harbor in 2013 and Paulo Grangeon’s sixteen hundred papier mâché pandas appeared in flashmobs around the city in… READ ON


Archive Fever

The Asia Art Archive’s 15th anniversary fund-raiser

November 2015 HONG KONG

UNDER A SLIVER OF MOON on a warm November night, a sampan on Aberdeen harbor ferried prominent members of Hong Kong’s art world to the city’s iconic floating restaurant, Jumbo Kingdom, for Asia Art Archive’s fifteenth anniversary fund-raiser.… READ ON


Miya Ando

Sundaram Tagore Gallery | Hong Kong

October 2015

The word ephemeral appears often in the titles of Miya Ando’s recent paintings. There is Ephemeral Blue Grey Winter, 2015, Ephemeral Vermillion, 2015, and Ephemeral Blue Triptych 2015, among others. The description contrasts with the durable… READ ON


Gao Weigang

Galerie Perrotin | Hong Kong

June 2015

Suspended from the ceiling in a darkened room of Gao Weigang’s first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, a large golden jackhammer tilts downwards. A viewer’s presence stimulates a sensor in the room, and the drill point starts to turn slowly, … READ ON


“Days push off into nights”

Spring Workshop

March 2015

“Days push off into nights,” a group exhibition curated by Christina Li featuring nine international artists, presents contemplations of time’s passage that are intimate, funny, and grand. The eleven works on view, which range from installation… READ ON