Sara Marcus

Untimely Feedback

December 2016

IN MID-NOVEMBER I am asked to skype with a writing class in New York. How nice to see again, after some months of Midwest fashion drab, the eager young of NYU in their particularized plumages. Arrayed against windowless cinderblock walls, … READ ON


Samson Young

Team Gallery | Wooster Street

December 2015

In the center of the gallery sits artist-composer Samson Young, wearing olive drab and combat boots. On the monitor before him, in ghastly night-vision, lights hover over distant skylines and abruptly flare up. This six-hour video compilation… READ ON


Jigsaw Youth

Sara Marcus on The Punk Singer: A Film About Kathleen Hanna

November 2013

“THEY WEREN’T JUST THE BEST GIRL BAND; they were the best band.” So says a voice-over near the beginning of Sini Anderson’s The Punk Singer, a documentary about the pioneering feminist musician Kathleen Hanna. The band in question, at this … READ ON


Sadie Benning

Callicoon Fine Arts

May 2013

A pair of black-and-white videos of videos constitute the core of this taut and principled exhibition by Sadie Benning. The twenty-eight-minute In Parts, 2012, strings together long takes of motion within narrow parameters: A leopard paces … READ ON


Believe It or Not

Gregg Bordowitz’s Testing Some Beliefs

July 2011 NEW YORK

“I’M HERE TO PRESENT some of my beliefs,” Gregg Bordowitz said as he began his performance-talk Testing Some Beliefs at Murray Guy gallery last Thursday evening. “Some of these beliefs will be familiar to you, since they are common beliefs,… READ ON


“Vision is elastic. Thought is elastic.”

May 2011

Some months ago, a New York Times article about interior decorators stocking clients’ libraries proclaimed that “the printed, bound book has been given a stay of execution by an unlikely source: the design community.” The newspaper ran a … READ ON


Passing the Bar

A Gay Bar Called Everywhere (With Costumes and No Practice)

May 2011 NEW YORK

THIS WEEK’S controversy over the New York magazine profile of trans performer Justin Vivian Bond—with some readers calling the article offensive and others arguing that it simply performed the translation that’s required when writing for a … READ ON


Hanna and Her Sisters

A WAGE panel and K8 Hardy performance

December 2010 NEW YORK

AS THE CROWD drained out of the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn last Saturday night, after a dizzying Kathleen Hanna covers concert, I could have sworn I heard a snip of a Morrissey/Emily Dickinson mash-up: “When our friends become successful,”… READ ON


Night at the Museum

The Raincoats at MoMA

November 2010 NEW YORK

THE MOMA LOBBY was mobbed at the stroke of 8:30 PM. Last Saturday night’s event, a PopRally shindig featuring female postpunk pioneers the Raincoats along with a DJ set by Kathleen Hanna, was sold out, and every holder of a coveted … READ ON