Sarah Fritchey

No Jimenez

Lyric Hall

April 2015

Thirty-six paintings by Noé Jimenez hang in clusters around the salon of this Vaudeville theater. Sporting irregular, petal-shaped manes of striped wood that seem to expand and contract from their centers, the works suggest a capacity for … READ ON


“Lunch with Olympia”

Yale School of Art | 32 Edgewood Gallery

November 2013

Curated by Robert Storr and Carol Armstrong, this historical group exhibition takes on the monumental task of tracking the 150-year influence of Édouard Manet’s Déjeuner sur l’herbe, 1863, and Olympia, 1865, on visual culture. At the time … READ ON


“Kool-Aid Wino”

Franklin Street Works

September 2013

This exhibition brings together six artists, two poets, and one anonymous weaver to rethink “errors” as opportunities for discoveries. Curator Claire Barliant introduces this concept in her accompanying exhibition text, “The Corrections: Nine… READ ON