Sarah K. Rich


Sarah K. Rich, introduction

October 2016

CARMEN HERRERA is finally, at the age of 101, gaining the attention she deserves. With a major survey of her paintings, sculptures, and drawings now on view at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, and having inaugurated Lisson … READ ON

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September 2015

FOR THE MOST PART, American artists have been denizens of the dark. Sure, there have been jaunts en plein air and epic engagements with The Land, but for much of the past century the American avant-garde has lurked in places where vitamin D… READ ON

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“Joseph Cornell: Wanderlust”

May 2015

Curated by Jasper Sharp and Sarah Lea Joseph Cornell was famously bound to his tiny home in Queens, a caregiver for his family. As it turns out, many of his assembled boxes haven’t done much traveling either, since they’ve remained for the … READ ON


“Adventures of the Black Square: Abstract Art and Society 1915–2015”

April 2015

“ADVENTURES OF THE BLACK SQUARE” begins with a rectangle: Kazimir Malevich’s undated little quadrilateral from the Costakis Collection. The painting is small and squat, and its lateral format pulls it dangerously close to representational … READ ON

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Hervé Télémaque

January 2015

Curated by Christian Briend Born in Haiti but active in France for most of his career, Hervé Télémaque has for five decades made works that parse the pictorial vocabularies of consumer culture and that are inflected by transatlantic dialects… READ ON


Sarah K. Rich

December 2014

WHEN PEOPLE THINK of Morris Louis’s Veils, they often think of the popular painting Tet, 1958, and for good reason. Tet, which resides in the collection at the Whitney Museum of American Art in New York, is a gorgeous thing. Its delicate … READ ON

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Marjorie Strider (1931–2014)

Sarah K. Rich on Marjorie Strider (1931–2014)

November 2014

It took me several viewings (and getting over my aversion to reading wall text) before I realized that it wasn’t a cherry in the mouth of Marjorie Strider’s 1963 Girl with Radish—that’s how indoctrinated I was in the fine visual tradition of… READ ON


“Pop Departures”

September 2014

Curated by Catharina Manchanda Mapping the impact of Pop art over the past fifty years, the Seattle Art Museum zeros in on two key moments in which artists have updated Pop proper’s concerns: the 1980s and the past decade. The exhibition (… READ ON


Richard Tuttle

September 2014

Curated by Magnus af Petersens/Achim Borchardt-Hume What happens when you commission Richard Tuttle—a sculptor and poet whose famously understated work welcomes pensive admiration for loose string and lightly wrinkled cloth—to fill one of … READ ON


Ad Reinhardt

February 2014

The front room of David Zwirner on Twentieth Street was giddy with Ad Reinhardt’s drawings and collages. Staggered frames across the wall presented meticulous drawings of smirking fat cats, slumbering politicians, union laborers, and other … READ ON

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