Sarah Lookofsky

“Death of a Cameraman”


October 2013

A cell-phone recording filmed in Homs, Syria, in 2011 functions as the curatorial conceit for the winning entry for Apexart’s recent Unsolicited Proposal Program. A literal shot-reverse-shot culled from YouTube, the video depicts the moment… READ ON


Francis Cape

Murray Guy

July 2013

What if the things we hold and use were manifest condensations of the ways in which we live? Such is the logic of Francis Cape’s recent exhibition “Utopian Benches.” In the gallery are seventeen poplar benches, assembled in a setup that … READ ON


Alexandre Kojčve

The James Gallery of the CUNY Graduate Center

April 2013

In a present where posthistorical, postpolitical, and, in the field of art, postmodern ideas prevail, looking back at a past theorization on the end of history hints at what retrospective reflections on our own contemporary might look like … READ ON


“Double Crossings”

MAK Center for Art and Architecture, Schindler House

January 2013

Hans Schabus’s Los Angeles River Crossings, 2005, entailed walking the entire fifty-two-mile length of the waterway, documenting the more than one hundred overpasses that cross it. In a configuration of large tables in the gallery, this … READ ON


Rosemarie Trockel

New Museum

December 2012

Rosemarie Trockel’s retrospective at the New Museum gives the German artist, celebrated in Europe but less known in the US, the thorough showcase she deserves. It is also a beautifully installed exhibition that finally and properly understands… READ ON


Thomas Kilpper

Kunsthal Charlottenborg

July 2012

During the so-called cartoon crisis in 2005, the then Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen characterized the publishing and support of the caricatures of the prophet Mohammed as exemplary of Denmark’s signature defense of free speech.… READ ON


Mary Ellen Carroll

Third Streaming

March 2012

It is unclear what constitutes the public sphere in the United States—and even more so in Los Angeles. Apparently engaged in investigating this question, Mary Ellen Carroll’s current solo show presents Kruder and Dorfmeister, 1999–2000, … READ ON


Mary Kelly


March 2012

Mary Kelly’s seminal works operate as much as intellectual inquiries as material exercises, consistently probing the liminal bond between the subjective and the collective. Over the past decade, she has assembled large framed works composed… READ ON


Sanja Iveković

MoMA - The Museum of Modern Art

February 2012

“Is this crumpled cockamamie on the floor supposed to be art?” Sneeringly uttered by a woman at Sanja Iveković’s retrospective, these words could not be more pertinent. The cockamamie is in fact the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms… READ ON


Peter Fend

Essex Street

February 2012

The question of whether art is capable of changing the world continues to spark polarizing debate. Common arguments against art’s capacity for such change usually do not make explicit the underlying directives of such pronouncements. If art… READ ON