Sarah Moroz

Michel Nedjar

Lille Métropole Musée d'Art Moderne (LAM)

April 2017

Self-taught artist Michel Nedjar is the son of a tailor and the grandson of a schmatess, or second-hand clothier. Given this history, his recurrent use of recycled textiles carries a sense of inevitability. His earliest recrafted poupée, or… READ ON


Helmut Newton

Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègre

April 2017

The French Riviera is a fitting context in which to exhibit Helmut Newton—few other places effect that particular mix of vulgarity and glamour. The photographer readily embraced this combination, as he was a Côte d’Azur dweller himself (a … READ ON


Vincent Perez

Maison Européenne de la Photographie

March 2017

Identity in today’s world is more muddled than ever by sociopolitical mayhem, but Vincent Perez takes a plainspoken approach to this predicament. His recent series “The Parisians,” 2016, photographed around Paris’s metro Château Rouge in an… READ ON


Cy Twombly

Centre Pompidou

February 2017

In the November 30, 1978, edition of the SoHo Weekly News, William Zimmer wrote of Cy Twombly’s paintings, “One is reminded of graffiti on men’s room walls . . . brutish and even downright nasty—a compliment.” This institution, having dedicated… READ ON


Wojciech Zamecznik

Musée de l'Elysée

December 2016

Multidisciplinary and experimental, Wojciech Zamecznik made his mark on the postwar Polish art scene by playfully exploring the boundaries of photography. Rather than encapsulating a fixed moment, he treated the medium as a jumping-off point… READ ON


Rodrigo Braga

Rodrigo Braga on his installation at the Palais de Tokyo

November 2016

During this year’s edition of Nuit Blanche, Brazilian artist Rodrigo Braga inaugurated Inland Sea, 2016, an al fresco installation in Paris of forty-five stones carefully plucked from French quarries, weighing between 1,100 pounds and six … READ ON


Louis Stettner

Centre Pompidou

August 2016

Photographer Louis Stettner produced a diverse oeuvre in black and white, from the streets of postwar Paris to forest landscapes. Born in Brooklyn in 1922, he frequented the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s reading room as an adolescent to … READ ON


Eugen Gabritschevsky

La Maison Rouge

August 2016

Eugen Gabritschevsky was a relative unknown until he was discovered by Jean Dubuffet, who bought seventy-one of the artist’s works within a decade. Gabritschevsky’s well-to-do, cultivated childhood in Russia initially led to a brilliant … READ ON


“Apollinaire, the Vision of the Poet”

Musée de l'Orangerie

June 2016

Guillaume Apollinaire was a lightning rod within European avant-garde circles. This exhibition explores a number of early modernist works, made between 1902–18, when Apollinaire was writing about art. His thinking was so entangled with the … READ ON


Manuel Scano Larrazàbal


May 2016

The inaugural exhibition of this newly opened space, titled “Pantomime,” features recent works by the Italian Venezuelan artist Manuel Scano Larrazàbal. The show’s centerpiece, Untitled (all works 2016) is an intricately designed mobile made… READ ON