Scott Roben

Ken Okiishi

Reena Spaulings Fine Art

March 2014

For his debut at this gallery, Ken Okiishi has painted brushy abstractions over the surfaces of eleven high-definition flat-screen monitors. The Samsung screens have been rotated ninety degrees and mounted on the walls; on each, recordings … READ ON


Dustin Hodges

Miguel Abreu Gallery

January 2014

“Late Stick Style,” Dustin Hodges’s solo New York debut, deploys the language of painting as a device for hoax. The exhibition responds loosely to an imagined “late” phase of Stick style, a nineteenth-century American architectural genre that… READ ON


Michael Buthe

Alexander and Bonin

October 2013

It’s a wonder that German artist Michael Buthe remains obscure in the United States. Despite a robust career in Europe and a singular vision for painting’s potential in the second half of the twentieth century, Buthe hasn’t outrun the shadow… READ ON