Scott Rothkopf

“Painting 2.0: Expression in the Information Age”

Focus Preview

September 2015

WE ARE LIVING in a Golden Age of painting. Or at least a Goldenish one. Although that claim may sound far-fetched (even to those who neither celebrate nor bemoan the medium’s purported demise), I’d hazard that the past decade has witnessed … READ ON

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“Mel Bochner: If the Colour Changes”

October 2012

Over the past decade, critics and curators have rigorously reimagined Mel Bochner’s oeuvre, while the artist himself has propelled his work forward with mordant wit and explosive energy.… READ ON



Scott Rothkopf on Kelley Walker’s Untitled

September 2012

OVER THE PAST DOZEN OR SO YEARS, the artists who made the most of new technologies were often those who least knew how to use them. I count Kelley Walker among this group. Around the turn of the millennium, he, like many of us with a Mac, a… READ ON

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Scott Rothkopf

December 2011

1 “Pacific Standard Time” (various venues, Southern California) For some, this Getty-sponsored initiative surveying Los Angeles art from 1945 to 1980 smacks of boosterism on behalf of an art capital hardly in need of special pleading. But … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2011 [TOC]

Takashi Murakami

September 2010

Curated by Laurent Le Bon It was hard not to imagine gathering storm clouds as fireworks exploded over the reflecting pools to celebrate Jeff Koons’s occupation of Versailles in 2008, just five days before Lehman Brothers fell. That pitch-perfect… READ ON


Chris Ofili

January 2010

It takes guts to shed your clothes in public, but this, in effect, is what Chris Ofili has done in his paintings over the past five years.… READ ON


Scott Rothkopf

December 2009

SCOTT ROTHKOPF  1 New York gallery flashback Markets of all kinds got a bad rap this year, but New York’s galleries bucked the broadsides with historical shows of such quality and focus they gave local museums a run for their dwindling money.… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2009 [TOC]


Scott Rothkopf, Introduction

November 2009

IMAGINE THAT THE SUN IS A GIANT FLUORESCENT BULB. Now imagine that it’s twilight, and you will have a sense of the eerie acidic crepuscule that seems to both illuminate and shadow Katharina Fritsch’s work wherever it happens to be. This effect… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2009 [TOC]

Urs Fischer

September 2009

From ink-jet prints to environmental installations and sculptures made of wax, bronze, and bread, Urs Fischer has an uncanny knack for taking just about any material or place and making it into an Urs Fischer.… READ ON


Dalí Dalí Featuring Francesco Vezzoli

September 2009

The show opens with a concise overview of Dali’s paintings, peppered with paraphernalia like jewelry and Schiaparelli gowns, and continues on to the first European retrospective devoted to Vezzoli’s own splashy meditations on sex, dread, and… READ ON