SÚrgio Martins

Ione Saldanha

Museu de Arte Moderna

October 2013

There are at least a few reasons why the late Brazilian painter Ione Saldanha remains a relatively obscure artist to this day. Aside from gesturing toward her friendship with the artist couple Árpád Szenes and Maria Helena Vieira da Silva, … READ ON


“Maria Martins: Metamorphoses”

May 2013

Curated by Veronica Stigger Despite being one of the most internationally successful Brazilian artists of the first half of the twentieth century, Maria Martins was not as warmly received in her home country as she was overseas. This is due… READ ON


Fernanda Gomes

April 2013

It may be surprising to learn that Fernanda Gomes’s career began in the late 1980s, when in Brazil, as elsewhere, the artistic scene was dominated by neo-expressionist painting. Some of her objects may be handmade, and even handpainted, but… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2013 [TOC]

Jac Leirner

January 2013

For those accustomed to seeing Jac Leirner’s choice of materials as inspired by the universe of circulation and consumption—examples include banknotes, cigarette packs, plastic bags, airplane ashtrays, business cards, and so on—her latest … READ ON

IN PRINT January 2013 [TOC]

Gisele Camargo

October 2012

Given that Gisele Camargo’s career began in the context of 1990s Rio de Janeiro, her urban typology—for example, deadpan painterly fragments of window views or rear facades—is both characteristic of the renewed attention devoted to the city… READ ON

IN PRINT October 2012 [TOC]