Sharon Mizota

My Barbarian

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

July 2013

My Barbarian’s latest exhibition explores motherhood as a foundational site of social change. It comprises the artifacts—masks, stage, backdrops—from the collective’s performance of Bertolt Brecht’s pro-Communist play The Mother (1932), as … READ ON


Kelly Poe


March 2012

The unabashedly gorgeous landscape photographs in Kelly Poe’s latest exhibition, “For the Wild,” might be puzzling on first glance. The large-scale images depict dramatic, lushly colored, and rapturously detailed natural scenes, including … READ ON


Alexandra Grant

October 2010

In a new suite of paintings, Alexandra Grant continues her collaboration with writer Michael Joyce, interpreting his poetry and giving it a decidedly physical heft. As in her previous work, Grant has isolated individual words, plucking them… READ ON


Robin Rhode

April 2010

The South African–born, Berlin-based artist Robin Rhode is best known for performances in which he interacts with hand-drawn street art, but his first exhibition in Los Angeles places a stronger emphasis on exploring the regimes of photographic… READ ON


“Your Bright Future: Twelve Contemporary Artists from Korea”

July 2009

Verging on the sociological, exhibitions organized around national or ethnic identities often reduce complex issues of difference and affiliation to easily consumed, nonthreatening snapshots of foreign cultures. While “Your Bright Future” … READ ON


Katherine Gray

March 2009

Glassblower Katherine Gray laments the devaluation of traditional craftsmanship in contemporary art. Accordingly, her two new sculptures combine a more popular found-object aesthetic with an appreciation for the unqualified loveliness of … READ ON


Angel Delgado

February 2009

In his first solo exhibition in the US, Cuban artist Angel Delgado explores the themes of confinement, regimentation, and oppression that have preoccupied him with even more intensity since his imprisonment in 1990 for a performance in which… READ ON


Kathleen Henderson

November 2008

Kathleen Henderson’s exhibition of drawings and sculptures, titled “I Shew You a Mystery,” evokes the peculiarly American concoction of hope and fear, faith and desperation, that filled many nineteenth-century Christian revivalist meetings.… READ ON


Edgar Arceneaux and the Watts House Project

November 2008

BUILT BETWEEN 1921 AND 1955 by Simon Rodia, an Italian immigrant cement finisher and tile maker, the iconic Watts Towers are fantastic, airy structures of rebar, mortar, found pottery, and glass that rise almost one hundred feet into the air… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2008 [TOC]

Haegue Yang

July 2008

Haegue Yang’s first US solo exhibition, “Asymmetric Equality,” is an elegant argument for the affective, emancipatory possibilities of abstract sculpture. The roomsize installation—an austere landscape of venetian blinds, space heaters, fans,… READ ON