Simone Menegoi

Giulio Paolini

Galleria Christian Stein | Milan, Galleria Christian Stein | Pero

January 2017

Galleria Christian Stein has been a sympathetic supporter of Arte Povera, first in Turin and then in Milan. For his show, in celebration of the gallery’s fiftieth anniversary, Giulio Paolini has chosen the title “FINE” (End). The image that… READ ON


Marinus Boezem

Oude Kerk

January 2017

Marinus Boezem has long harbored a passion for Gothic architecture. One of his well-known works, The Gothic Growing Project, 1978–87, is a grove of poplar trees whose arrangement reproduces the plan of the Reims Cathedral. The recorded sound… READ ON


Jay Heikes

January 2017

“Zorro was here!” a friend quipped upon seeing the images in “No future ism,” the Jay Heikes exhibition that inaugurated Federica Schiavo Gallery’s new Milan venue. Who could disagree? The thick paintings-cum-sculptures by this Minneapolis-based… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2017 [TOC]

Jannis Kounellis

Gavin Brown's Enterprise | Rome

October 2016

The building that stands at Via dei Vascellari 69 was originally a church (consecrated in the ninth century, deconsecrated in 1942), then a woodworking shop. For the past two years it has been the splendidly run-down site of Gavin Brown’s … READ ON


Christoph Meier and Nicola Pecoraro

Fonderia Artistica Battaglia

January 2016

Presented by the itinerant Ermes-Ermes gallery, “Lost Form” is a show that consists of a single piece by Christoph Meier and Nicola Pecoraro: a modular installation occupying an entire wing of the historic Fonderia Battaglia. The basic unit… READ ON


Martino Gamper

Museion of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano

September 2015

Industrial designer Martino Gamper is known for a nonconformist approach that often seems more befitting an artist. Some of his most renowned furniture is made from recycled parts of other pieces, whether chairs abandoned on the street or … READ ON


Jean-Luc Moulène

French Academy of Rome, Villa Medici

July 2015

“Il était une fois” (Once upon a Time): Judging from its (slightly ironic) title, this solo exhibition by Jean-Luc Moulène alludes to the artist’s use of context, which is outstanding and laden with history. Numerous references connect the … READ ON


Manon de Boer, Joachim Koester, and Ian Wilson

Jan Mot

June 2015

More than one thread links the works in this sophisticated group show, which considers revisitation as a form of creation and reflection on art as an art form. Seven sheets of paper from Ian Wilson attest to six discussions he had with Daniel… READ ON


Anna Maria Maiolino

Galleria Raffaella Cortese | Via Stradella 7, Galleria Raffaella Cortese | Via Stradella 1

June 2015

Two things about Anna Maria Maiolino’s show are particularly striking: The first is the quality of her recent production. Her latest works (this show, with a few small exceptions, consists of pieces from 2014 and ’15) are among her freshest… READ ON


Elmgreen & Dragset

Massimo De Carlo | Milan

June 2015

“Stigma,” a solo show by Elmgreen & Dragset at Massimo De Carlo, opened the same day as an exhibition of Ettore Spalletti’s work in Milan, emphasizing even more the curious formal similarity between aspects of this latest series by the two … READ ON