Siobhan Phillips

Martha Swope (1928–2017)

Siobhan Phillips on Martha Swope (1928–2017)

February 2017

IF YOU CARE ABOUT BALLET from the second half of the twentieth century, one of your wished-for fly-on-the-wall moments is probably a late rehearsal, back in 1957, for a new piece by George Balanchine. It’s called Agon. Music by Igor Stravinsky.… READ ON


Claudia Rankine’s Citizen

February 2015

Citizen: An American Lyric, by Claudia Rankine. Minneapolis: Graywolf Press, 2014. 160 pages.  THE SPLIT-SCREEN IMAGE from November 24, 2014, already seems iconic. On one side, the president speaks from the White House about law and restraint… READ ON

IN PRINT February 2015 [TOC]