Stephanie Bailey

Cédric Maridet

June 2016

Cédric Maridet’s “Fragments of Future Histories” felt like a slick steampunk take on contemporary exploration. The exhibition of photographs, videos, assemblages, and kinetic sculptures opened with Rise, Fall, 2016, an acrylic tank, placed … READ ON

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April 2016

The paradox of perception is that what we see is never what we see. In “Panoramix,” the Indonesian collective Tromarama took on this conundrum through a collection of works brought together as a single installation, though each work is … READ ON

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Andreas Lolis

March 2016

At the Third Athens Biennale in 2011, a group of sculptures by Andreas Lolis, all Untitled, from the series “21st Century Relics,” 2011–, were positioned on the floor in one of the many abandoned classrooms of Diplareios, a former art and … READ ON

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Susan Hiller

February 2016

In 2011, Susan Hiller staged a major retrospective at Tate Britain in London. At the time, Hiller—whose background is in anthropology—expressed relief that her art had received enough attention to keep her going, but not enough to create the… READ ON

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Wael Shawky

February 2016

One of the most popular and critically acclaimed works in Adriano Pedrosa and Jens Hoffmann’s 2011 Istanbul Biennial was Cabaret Crusades: The Horror Show File, 2010, Wael Shawky’s video inspired by Amin Maalouf’s 1983 book The Crusades … READ ON

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Evgeniy Antufiev

January 2016

It’s hard to believe that Evgeniy Antufiev was born only in 1986, given the sense of timelessness typical of his work. His solo show at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art, aptly titled “Immortality Forever,” was part of the parallel program for… READ ON

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David Sampethai and Antonakis

October 2015

“Two Johns” was the visual articulation of a movie not yet made. The exhibition was a collaboration between two young artists, David Sampethai and Antonakis, who together wove an elaborate narrative that involves a vampire and a werepanther—the… READ ON

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Tassos Pavlopoulos

September 2015

In the catalogue essay Tassos Pavlopoulos wrote for his exhibition “Phantasmagoria,” the artist lays out a surprising thesis for a show that brought together drawings from the 1980s onward with recent works on paper and canvas, a film, and … READ ON

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“Dio Horia in Mykonos”

Dio Horia | Contemporary Art Platform

August 2015

The exhibition “Dio Horia in Mykonos” marks the launch of a platform for reviving the Greek island of Mykonos—famed for its Kardashian-grade holiday scene—as a summer salon. Curated by Dio Horia founder Marina Vranopoulou, this inaugural … READ ON



École Française d'Athènes

June 2015

This is the first time the French School at Athens has opened its garden to the public—a result of the second collaboration between the Athens-based nonprofit NEON and the Whitechapel Gallery in London. The setting makes this exhibition, … READ ON