Stephanie Bailey

Nadia Kaabi-Linke

June 2015

There is something unbearable about the lightness of Nadia Kaabi-Linke’s work, articulated in the diversity of material and form she employs to suit concept and site. Take Flying Carpet, 2011, a suspended cage-like sculpture shaped from the… READ ON

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“A Hundred Years of Shame”

June 2015

“A Hundred Years of Shame: Songs of Resistance and Scenarios for Chinese Nations” traced the expression of dissent and pluralism in the work of eighteen artists from the “Chinese world.” The phrase is interesting: It presents an interpretation… READ ON

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May 2015

COMING IN at just under three minutes, Travel Prayer, 2014, one of Monira Al Qadiri’s latest videos, is brief, but its focus is precise: The artist distills into this short span the momentous collisions between tradition and technology, desert… READ ON

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Vlassis Caniaris

May 2015

Vlassis Caniaris was insider and outsider, observer and participant, artist and citizen, all at once: a humanist who grasped the world in all its nuances and complexities. This sensibility is most evident in his “Gastarbeiter-Fremdarbeiter”… READ ON

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Tseng Kwong Chi

April 2015

The image of Tseng Kwong Chi dressed in a Mao suit, wearing Ray-Bans, and posing for a self-portrait in front of the World Trade Center for his photograph New York, New York, 1979, is undeniably iconic. After all, selfies were not yet a thing… READ ON

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Alex Hubbard and Jon Pestoni

March 2015

This was not the first time Alex Hubbard and Jon Pestoni have collaborated. In 2010 they paired up for a show at Shane Campbell Gallery in Chicago, and in 2012 they produced a conversation between a “man” (in the role of the interviewer) and… READ ON

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CÚcile B. Evans

February 2015

Cécile B. Evans’s recent exhibition “Hyperlinks” centered on a roughly twenty-three-minute looped video, Hyperlinks or it didn’t happen, 2014, which was shown in the corner of the gallery on a flat screen positioned in front of a carpet. The… READ ON

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Kai Althoff

January 2015

Walking into this exhibition was like stepping into a time warp. Was this Kai Althoff’s imagining of a workshop of some seventeenth-century Puritan dressmaker? After all, linens were draped from ceiling to floor, and three clothed dress forms… READ ON

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Mary Kelly

December 2014

One line in the 1959 Situationist film from which Mary Kelly’s exhibition “On the Passage of a Few People through a Rather Brief Period of Time” took its name hovered over the show: “When freedom is practiced in a closed circle, it fades into… READ ON

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Karen Mirza and Brad Butler

November 2014

Karen Mirza and Brad Butler’s “The Unreliable Narrator” presented the emergent twenty-first century as one that is both authoritarian and anarchic, a divide articulated through the division of the single gallery space into two rooms via red… READ ON

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