Steve Kado

The Harrisons

Various Small Fires

February 2017

The Harrisons have reconstructed two of their large 1970s “Survival Pieces” for this exhibition. Aesthetically, the works are weirdly rich, combining minimal sculpture, cybernetics, process art, color fields, and proto-relational aesthetics… READ ON


Feel the Bern

The last Sommerakademie im Zentrum Paul Klee

September 2016 BERN, SWITZERLAND

THE SOMMERAKADEMIE IM ZENTRUM PAUL KLEE has been a strange and secretive touchstone of the Bernese art world for ten years now. In fundamental ways it compares to other summer programs at a variety of European kunsthalles: The directors select… READ ON


Lock Up International

Lewis Teague Wright discusses his project space Lock Up International

August 2016

Since 2015, Lewis Teague Wright has been running Lock Up International, a transient project space that houses itself in storage units worldwide. The project typically mounts a series of three weeklong solo shows in each location it chooses.… READ ON


Seth Price

356 S. Mission Rd.

February 2016

Seth Price’s exhibition “Wrok Fmaily Freidns” all but begs you to make this terrible pun: Has Price pushed the envelope too far? Having already produced countless prints, paintings, and images, as well as clothes, based on envelope security… READ ON


Will Benedict

Overduin & Co.

October 2015

“Bad Weather” is a riff on work Will Benedict did for the 2015 Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts, which treated the story of biologist Tyrone Hayes. A professor at the University of California, Berkeley, Hayes's life and work were sabotaged… READ ON


Asha Schechter

metro pcs

June 2015

A plot summary of Asha Schechter’s film The Bucket, 2015: A quadracopter drone, hungry from a long night surveilling Los Angeles from above, decides to spin by the Western Avenue Kentucky Fried Chicken early one morning, only to find the … READ ON


Jeffrey Stuker

Full Haus

May 2015

Jeffrey Stuker’s new video, Fulgora Laternaria, 2012-2015, unfolds over nine minutes in punishing detail. The camera swoops and bobs around a winged Amazonian insect resting on a marble slab while an Attenborough-like narrator fires verbal … READ ON


“Eternal Om”

Metro pcs

May 2014

Casting the satori moment of enlightenment between the banality of daily experience and the grander slopes of memory, artist-curator Ian James selected works—mostly from LA–based studio photographers—that tightly reference each other even … READ ON


Aaron Flint Jamison

Artists Space : Exhibitions

October 2013

In Aaron Flint Jamison’s latest exhibition, a LiDAR room scanner on a tripod connects to a wired network switch that the artist has built into a table of dense purpleheart wood. The table supports a closed handmade book and an LED spotlight… READ ON


Slavs & Tatars

Gallery at REDCAT

March 2013

Slavs and Tatars’ “Friendship of Nations: Polish Shi’ite Showbiz” explores the exchange, similarities, and differences—actual, past, and imagined—between the Iranian Revolution of 1979, the Polish Solidarity movement of 1989, and the Iranian… READ ON