Steve Lafreniere

Blast from the Past

“East Village USA”

December 2004 NEW YORK

The crush at the New Museum's opening for “East Village USA” was snarly yet fun, a little like being jammed into one of those unisex bathrooms at the Mudd Club, sans vomit. It was Old Home Week for the art world's Class of ‘81, seemingly a … READ ON


Pop Live

Steve Lafreniere in Williamsburg

November 2004 BROOKLYN

Maybe it was the ice-cream truck dispensing free sundaes out front or the guffawing long-haired dude boinging up and down on the trampoline inside, but the opening of “Phiiliip: Divided By Lightning” at Deitch Projects’ Williamsburg outpost… READ ON


Biennale d’Art Contemporain

September 2003

This seventh installation of the Lyon Biennale might prove to be this year’s idiosyncratic jewel. Organizers Anne Pontégnie (Brussels), Bob Nickas (New York), and Consortium curators Xavier Douroux, Franck Gautherot, and Eric Troncy (Dijon)… READ ON


Richard Prince

’80s THEN

February 2003

STEVE LAFRENIERE: You weren’t in Douglas Crimp’s “Pictures” exhibition, but a lot of people seem to think you were, maybe because of your later association with Helene Winer, who was at Artists Space before starting Metro Pictures. Did you … READ ON

IN PRINT March 2003 [TOC]

Ashley Bickerton

’80s THEN

February 2003

STEVE LAFRENIERE : In 1986 you were in the infamous neo-geo show at Sonnabend with Peter Halley, Meyer Vaisman, and Jeff Koons. It seemed as if the critics wanted to cast the four of you in total opposition to both neo-expressionism and the… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2003 [TOC]

Steve Lafreniere

on Christian Holstad

January 2003

HANGING ON THE WALL OF CHRISTIAN HOLSTAD’s Brooklyn studio is a string of shiny cardboard letters that reads INFECT OTHERS. Just a suggestion, really, but one that couldn’t be plainer about the artist’s intentions. There’s a slyly evangelical… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2003 [TOC]

Steve Lafreniere

Music: Best of 2002

December 2002

STEVE LAFRENIERE  1. Paperecordings, Splinter 05 The best compilation yet from Manchester’s bewitching left-field deep-house label usefully narrows the distance between sex and thinking.  2. Linda Thompson, Fashionably Late After seventeen … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2002 [TOC]


November 2002

Spend any time in Providence, Rhode Island, and you begin to see why H.P. Lovecraft never moved away. The master of prewar horror lit was born in Providence and for much of his adult life could be found walking the streets of the old seaport,… READ ON

IN PRINT November 2002 [TOC]

“The LP Show”


June 2002

IN THE HISTORY OF GRAPHIC DESIGN there are few surfaces more burnished with dreamland desire than album covers. That’s probably the fault of Alex Steinweiss, a designer who in 1939 talked Columbia Records into letting him spruce up some of … READ ON

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