Steven Cairns

Richard Hughes

March 2013

Over two walls of the expansive gallery housing Richard Hughes’s largest exhibition to date, “Where It All Happened Once,” a network of rusting pipes spelled out the word NOWHERE. Titled Sleeping Rust, 2012, this piece suggested a regional … READ ON

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Steven Claydon

May 2012

British artist Steven Claydon’s comprehensive solo show “Culpable Earth” invests the artist’s interests in tradition and ethnography with a contemporary approach to museum display. The exhibition, his first major solo show in the UK, reads … READ ON

IN PRINT May 2012 [TOC]

Josh Brand

April 2012

Josh Brand’s solo exhibition “Nature” was striking for its comparisons of opposing qualities—black and white, nature and city, large and small. Numerous photographic works were uniformly hung along the walls of the gallery like strings of … READ ON

IN PRINT April 2012 [TOC]

Thea Djordjadze

January 2012

While Berlin-based Thea Djordjadze’s practice centers on sculptural concerns, it also deals in a language of rhythm and movement that frames the performative aspects of an artist’s production process. Djordjadze’s works are often at odds with… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2012 [TOC]

Moyra Davey

October 2011

Moyra Davey’s HD video Les Goddesses (all works 2011) is a nearly hour-long exploration of psychological space. Recorded in her New York apartment, the work feels by turns claustrophobic and melancholic as it charts the links between her life… READ ON


Ruth Ewan

September 2011

Time is central to Ruth Ewan’s exhibition “Brank & Heckle,” both in her use of archival material and in the reprise of outdated political ideals. The show’s centerpiece is an oversize clock titled We Could Have Been Anything We Wanted to Be,… READ ON


Hans Schabus

September 2011

Hans Schabus’s exhibition “Remains of the Day” catalogues his family’s refuse––the residual leftovers from one year’s worth of foodstuffs and consumables. Cleaned and organized into groups, his empty bottles, electrical appliances, clothes,… READ ON


Nathaniel Mellors

May 2011

The cryptic narrative in Nathaniel Mellors’s ongoing work Ourhouse, 2010–, unfolds in episodes one, two, and four at the ICA. These oddball video melodramas play out in three darkened cabins constructed inside a single gallery and chart the… READ ON


Hilary Lloyd

January 2011

The intelligence exuded by Hilary Lloyd’s most recent works is impressive, and their staging in London, in her first major solo show to grace the capital in over a decade, is significant. In Lloyd’s practice, our anesthetized dependence on … READ ON


Jutta Koether

January 2011

Berliner Schlüssel, or “Berlin Key,” refers to a peculiar double-headed key common to Berlin apartment buildings, which must be fed all the way through the door and can only be retrieved once the door, having been unlocked from one side, is… READ ON