Steven Holl

Vito Acconci


September 2017

VITO ACCONCI was already a mythical figure in New York’s teeming avant-garde scene when I arrived there on New Year’s Eve in 1977. I was bringing with me my collection of Avalanche magazines—one, the Fall 1972 issue, was devoted to Acconci … READ ON

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Zaha Hadid (1950–2016)

Steven Holl on Zaha Hadid (1950–2016)

June 2016

ON JANUARY 26, 2016, Zaha sent me a text saying, “Stevie Wonder, we must meet to celebrate forty years of friendship.” I hosted her and Thom Mayne at my apartment in the West Village two months later, on March 16.  I am still in shock over … READ ON


Arthur Danto (1924–2013)

Steven Holl on Arthur Danto (1924–2013)

March 2014

“Ontology is the study of what it means to be something. But knowing whether something is art belongs to epistemology—the theory of knowledge.” –Arthur Danto  ARTHUR DANTO, who departed us on October 25, 2013, was the greatest philosopher … READ ON


Richard Artschwager


June 2013

STEVEN HOLL  I LOVE TO WORK in the haptic realm and I’m very invested in the rich, authentic materiality of things like wood and concrete, so I hate plastic. I have to admit, then, that in some ways I disliked the first works of Richard’s … READ ON

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Thomas Demand, Hal Foster, Steven Holl, Sylvia Lavin, Hilary Lloyd, Dorit Margreiter, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Philippe Rahm, moderated by Julian Rose

October 2012

Trading Spaces a roundtable on art and architecture Art and architecture meet more often and more profoundly today than ever before—from public art to the art-fair tent, from the pavilion to the installation. But if the interchange between … READ ON

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