Stuart Comer


May 2011

John Smith’s films and videos, made over the past four decades, are puzzles that won’t be solved. Just when the logic of their structural precision begins to seem familiar to those acquainted with British and North American experimental … READ ON

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Stuart Comer

December 2008

STUART COMER  1 Bernadette (Duncan Campbell) Campbell’s sharp, spartan study of Bernadette Devlin, a fiery 1960s activist from Northern Ireland, is a remarkable meditation on the politics of history and images.  2 The Temenos (Lyssaraia, … READ ON

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Bloc Party

Openings at Warsaw's CCA Ujazdowski Castle

July 2006 WARSAW

As I stumbled through heavy curtains Monday night into “USA,” Wilhelm Sasnal’s film exhibition at Warsaw’s Center of Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, I was slightly unnerved to find myself confronted by the 16-mm vision of a woman posing… READ ON


Stuart Comer

on London

December 2005

AS I EMERGED FROM the British pavilion at the Venice Biennale this July, the airconditioned drafts that trailed me out the door were less chilling than the news I received upon reaching the building’s terrace overlooking the Giardini: A… READ ON

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Great and Hood


October 2005 LONDON

“Juanita, slap Fidel!” “Now, everybody DANCE!” Stumbling out of Andy Warhol's film The Life of Juanita Castro, 1965, into the blazing lights of an art fair café has to be one of the more jarring art-into-life transitions I've ever made. The… READ ON


Double Deutsche

The Frieze Art Fair

October 2005 LONDON

The other day, on my glamorous daily bus commute down Hackney Road, I noticed a new sign on the Mecca Bingo complex: Play Bingo NOW! I have never thought of bingo as an imperative, but upon entering the seething opening of Frieze Art Fair … READ ON


Park Life

The Serpentine Gallery's summer party

July 2005 LONDON

During my harrowing mini-cab journey from Shoreditch to Hyde Park, the meteorological prospects for the Serpentine Summer Party did not look good. A long overdue week of glorious weather had succumbed to fitful rain, and my overblown visions… READ ON