Summer Guthery

Paul Salveson

Favorite Goods, Favorite Goods

February 2015

“Mutated Lithics” is inspired by the time Paul Salveson spent in an archeological environment in Lejre, Denmark, where professionals in the field recreated the Stone Age and invited enthusiasts to spend a week miming that era. Salveson’s … READ ON



Night Gallery

November 2014

“32 Leaves, I don’t, The Face of Smoke,” artist and writer JPW3’s solo debut, is premised on the presence and absence of sound. The exhibition is split into two areas: Outside the gallery, the artist has created a Japanese-style teahouse in… READ ON


Allan Sekula

Christopher Grimes Gallery

August 2014

For the greater part of his forty-year career, Allan Sekula leveled challenges to the neoliberal agenda through his highly specialized focus on the global maritime industry. Classically romantic subjects—seafarers, vessels, oceans—were put … READ ON


Stanya Kahn

Susanne Vielmetter Los Angeles Projects

May 2014

In “Don’t Go Back to Sleep,” Stanya Kahn’s third exhibition with this gallery, trauma and its evasions take center stage. Comprised of paintings, works on paper, and her first feature-length video, the show builds on a practice that balances… READ ON


“Hi From California”

Freedman Fitzpatrick

May 2013

Freedman Fitzpatrick’s debut exhibition offers a sense of the self-reflexive; it is as if the gallerists wanted to highlight their entwined roles as friend, worker, participant, and actor. The seven works in the show arrived in LA from Berlin… READ ON