Suzanne Hudson

George Egerton-Warburton

December 2017

For “The weapon soup boils over, as stocks in metaphors plummet,” George Egerton-Warburton’s first solo show in Los Angeles, the Australian artist showed three kinetic sculptures—Sisyphean motors powering nothing—and a suite of photographs … READ ON

IN PRINT December 2017 [TOC]

Helen Pashgian and Brian Wills

October 2017

A two-person show of Helen Pashgian and Brian Wills, “Transient” modeled the visual volatility characteristic of many 1960s Southland art practices. Despite its moorings in a Los Angeles vernacular of Light and Space—that likewise conjures … READ ON

IN PRINT October 2017 [TOC]


September 2017

Curated by Jo Widoff Nevelson had been working seriously as an artist for more than thirty years before she received significant recognition; too often, however, this belated appreciation took the form of hagiography—a mythifying focus on … READ ON


Kim Schoen

June 2017

An open book on an angular asymmetrical plinth partially submerged beneath granules of sand: This tableau was the first thing one encountered in Kim Schoen’s “Hawaii,” an exhibition that elsewhere offered the book not as an object but rather… READ ON

IN PRINT Summer 2017 [TOC]

Nancy Lupo

May 2017

For Kristina Kite’s inaugural show, Nancy Lupo crafted a sprawling tapestry, whose distinct sections of clustered disposable cutlery, bound together with dental floss and intermittently studded with various foodstuffs and trinkets, were meant… READ ON

IN PRINT May 2017 [TOC]

Theaster Gates

April 2017

For his first show at Regen Projects, “But to Be a Poor Race,” Theaster Gates installed within the gallery’s many rooms a sampling of clay vessels, paintings bandaged with hoses from decommissioned firehouses, wall panels studded with narrow… READ ON

IN PRINT April 2017 [TOC]


March 2017

KELLY AKASHI titled her most recent solo show at Ghebaly Gallery in Los Angeles, in 2016, “Being as a Thing.” As names go, it was an especially good one. It posited existence itself as a thing, encouraging a reading of the sculptures contained… READ ON

IN PRINT March 2017 [TOC]

Kathryn Andrews

February 2017

Kathryn Andrews’s “Black Bars” opened at David Kordansky Gallery mere days before the US presidential election. It followed by almost exactly a year the artist’s solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, titled “Run for … READ ON

IN PRINT February 2017 [TOC]

Barbara T. Smith

January 2017

Expanding on her previous three shows at the Box, each of which offered a tight grouping of related work (early paintings, performance documentation, and experiments with incipient Xerox technology, respectively), Barbara T. Smith sought in… READ ON

IN PRINT January 2017 [TOC]

Billy Al Bengston

December 2016

The outsize personality of Billy Al Bengston looms large in the prescribed historical narrative of Southland art—all wan sunshine and Ferus Gallery machismo—and even larger as the framing device for his own work. The artist’s website details… READ ON

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