Suzanne Hudson


March 2017

KELLY AKASHI titled her most recent solo show at Ghebaly Gallery in Los Angeles, in 2016, “Being as a Thing.” As names go, it was an especially good one. It posited existence itself as a thing, encouraging a reading of the sculptures contained… READ ON

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Kathryn Andrews

February 2017

Kathryn Andrews’s “Black Bars” opened at David Kordansky Gallery mere days before the US presidential election. It followed by almost exactly a year the artist’s solo exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, titled “Run for … READ ON

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Barbara T. Smith

January 2017

Expanding on her previous three shows at the Box, each of which offered a tight grouping of related work (early paintings, performance documentation, and experiments with incipient Xerox technology, respectively), Barbara T. Smith sought in… READ ON

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Billy Al Bengston

December 2016

The outsize personality of Billy Al Bengston looms large in the prescribed historical narrative of Southland art—all wan sunshine and Ferus Gallery machismo—and even larger as the framing device for his own work. The artist’s website details… READ ON

IN PRINT December 2016 [TOC]

Betty Tompkins

November 2016

It is at the very least unfortunate—other less anodyne adjectives spring to mind—that it has taken so many years for Betty Tompkins’s paintings to garner the visibility they presently enjoy. Deservedly, much press accompanied the septuagenarian… READ ON

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Benjamin Carlson

October 2016

If press releases have largely become baroque exercises in obscurantist prose, the text announcing Benjamin Carlson’s solo show in Los Angeles was refreshingly straightforward, even laconic, in its description of “five paintings depicting … READ ON

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Orr Herz and Roni Shneior

September 2016

As if enacting a Venn diagram of independent and collaborative artmaking, Orr Herz and Roni Shneior partnered for “Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want” by each composing a single piece to exhibit and then joining together to complete… READ ON

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“A New Horizon for New Horizons”

Museum of Art, Ein Harod

June 2016

Founded in 1948, the Ofakim Hadashim, meaning “New Horizons,” group of twenty-some artists hung together for well over a decade, and their embrace of such movements as Cubism, Surrealism, and biomorphism, among others, coincided with the … READ ON


“The Ocular Bowl”

June 2016

The three-person show “The Ocular Bowl” took its name from “The Line and the Light,” a 1964 essay by Jacques Lacan in which the psychoanalyst describes the eye as “a sort of bowl,” a faulty container whose propensity to overflow with visual… READ ON

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Ken Price

May 2016

The inaugural exhibition at Parrasch Heijnen Gallery was clearly the result of a herculean effort. Not for nothing was the show titled “Ken Price: A Career Survey, 1961–2008”; its ambition and temporal spread rivaled the artist’s 2012–13 … READ ON

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